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Meh day

Today has been…okay I suppose.

Work was irriatating me this morning. I was very grumpy. I went on an early break which I wasn’t pleased about, but on the other hand just wanted to take a break too. It didn’t really matter since I went home early anyway. They needed to cut people because they keep scheduling way too many people. Only worked slightly under three hours. I was fine with it since I was kinda hoping they’d have to. Would of been nice if they’d decided that before putting me on break. Also gotta watch it. I can’t lose too many hours. I think they said they gotta look at tomorrow’s schedule too, so hopefully they don’t shorten me. I already have a total of 3 short days counting today. So just gotta watch it with going home early.

Its hard cause I just get so sick of it. A lot of the people I work with are idiots. Honestly people tend to get on my nerves. Its just…very hard for me. Plus I get sick of having to do more then the others. I just don’t feel like working right now. But I need to, and besides I should be grateful to have this job, and I am. Its just hard sometimes. Especially when I get into these slumps or moods.

When I got home I played a bit of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and took a nap. After I woke up I fed myself, lazed a bit then cleaned my room.

Also had a doctor appointment over the phone. This doctor takes care of any medical stuff I need for my anxiety and depression (same place my counselor is at). I hate these things because I have a real hard time being completely honest. I always get scared they’ll think I’m nuts and lock me up. I know I’m not, just have trouble with stuff, but I hate telling them this stuff. I do have to get better with that. I do however, try to be mostly honest.

Anyway nothing major there. She renewed my medications I think and is sending scripts for a blood test. She wants me check that I’m all good.

On the subject of medical junk I think I’ve been grinding my teeth at night again. Ever so often it pops up. I guess when I get tense. I usually would wear a mouth guard for a bit at night and it would go away. I tried a different kind (since that’s all there was at the store). However, it made my gums feel weird in the morning. I think maybe the plastic rubbing on them? Not sure. But gonna try it without it tonight. I’ll just try not to clench them if I can help it. I hate when this happens, since it makes my mouth hurt. Hopefully it’ll go away soon.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

Posted on July 28th, 2020 in Health, Offline, Work by Megan. 2 Comments

Posted on July 31st, 2020, at 2:57 pm by Sushy.

My dentist once said I grind my teeth too, but I never noticed it. Sorry to hear you have to work with idiots!

Posted on August 2nd, 2020, at 2:36 pm by Megan.



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