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Copyrights and Credits

This web site was made and belongs to me. However, I do not claim to own anything that doesn’t belong to me. I do however claim this web site and the content (as for the graphics I claim to have made them and that’s it). The images used for the graphics belong to their respected owners all rights reserved. I only claim to have made the graphics. Anything I don’t claim as mine belongs to their respected owners as well. This web site is non-profit. I make no money off of it. Its just for fun.

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Name: Megan
Nicknames: Maroon and Maroon Caludin
Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 25th
Age: 38
Occupation: McDonalds employee
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, games, computers, role playing, web design, cartoons, comics, manga/anime, web comics, and animals Read More