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So, I took a fall…

Well, I am getting rather skilled at injuring myself. 😅

Saturday went to the mall with my mom and sister. I needed to a new Mac Superdrive since mine was acting off. I asked to be dropped off at Best Buy.

I was walking toward the entrance and all of a sudden I fell forward. I put my hands out as I hit the concrete, but I kept going and my face hit it too. I started bawling and didn’t really get up. My sister got out of the car and helped me up and brought me back to the car, where I kept crying.

I was bleeding a bit from my chin and the area above my lip was sore. My mouth was too, but I wasn’t bleeding in there or anything. It was just dirt in there and all over me.

My sister wanted us to go home but I wasn’t leaving without what I wanted. 😝 We went in and got it, and then my sister had to pick up her order from JcPenney’s so we went there. I went ahead to the bookstore. Picked up some puzzle books for me and my mom and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” by J.K. Rowling. I have it and have read it, but I wanted to get rid of the hardcover and get it in paperback. Met my mom and sister at JcPenneys. They were looking at coats and my mom had me try on some. When I was looking in the mirror finally show how bad my chin was. It looked awful. Anyway, got a coat and some make up pouch with roses.

We were planning to get some food at Arby’s and go home, but my mom and sister wanted to go back to Best Buy to report my fall. I didn’t really want to, but they wanted me to since I was still hurting. So we did that. It actually was on the malls property so they had to ask questions, see where I fell and took pictures of the spot and my face. Eventually we’ll get a copy of it.

I took some pictures too.

Believe it or not my face looks worse today. There’s a nasty raw spot above my upper lip that I keep having to put stuff on to moisturize it and my chin looks awful. It hurts too. Inside my mouth isn’t feeling too bad. About the same. And my knee hurts, but it’s okay. My other knee got a much smaller cut.

So yes, I look pretty. 😆 Hoping it’ll heal okay and not scar badly. And hopefully my mouth is okay. But it should be.

Should be fun going to work tomorrow since you can’t miss the ugliness. 😞 But I guess I’m okay. 🙂

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So, today has been…not a good day. Not going to go into it because I don’t care to, but I’m also at fault for it. 😞

I know I have to do better. I gotta keep trying even if its hard, and I simply don’t want to. I have to be strong! 💪 And I’m going to try. I may not always succeed (and of course I won’t), but as long as I try it’ll be okay eventually. Hopefully. 😝

Sailor Moon music does wonders to a mood though! 😁 Makes me wanna dance! 😆 That and deep breathes and smiling! 😀

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Ooo, look a post!

Yeah I know, I’ve been bad about updating. I mean to update, just harder to actually do it. 😆 So yeah, ongoing thing.

Not much going on. Been feeling a bit overwhelmed and down. It comes and goes. Some days are fine, others not so much. Trying to work on it, its just hard. 😭

Been busy today. I stupidly decided “hey let’s organize ALL my books!” Yeah, big mistake. I was so exhausted and done with it by the time I was done. 😵 And then, I apparently skipped a whole shelf. No wonder I ran out of room! Well, I would of anyway, I have way too many books. I didn’t care at the moment so put some figures and stuff there. Someday I’ll just toss some books, but write down the titles so I can get e-books of them. It’ll make my life so much easier. Of course some books I will keep.

Anyway, did that and put my Christmas stuff away. Then, took a shower. Tried out this new shampoo and conditioner I won from a giveaway on Geeky Posh and Formulate. Not sure what I think of it yet though.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

Posted on January 20th, 2019 in Misc, Offline by Megan. 4 Comments
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