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Work = EVIL!

Went back to work today…I wish I hadn’t. šŸ˜µ

It was a pretty rough day. First I’m in pain most of the time from that infection. Then, you have people that all called in. And a lovely male manger that thought I should pull lunch stock. Now, lunch stock some of it is super heavy, and I can’t really lift the meat. It always messes my back for the day. And you want me to do it when I’m in so much pain? After I handed in my doctor’s note for being off? Heck no! šŸ˜” I wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t happy, but I didn’t care. I’m not really supposed to normally anyway. As a matter of fact, during lunch I went and got some more nuggets. I brought out half a case and man, that hurt. So, yeah. Lifting stuff like that, not happening. They can get one of the many men around to do it. šŸ˜’

So, yeah really rough day. I just wanted it over. šŸ˜µ And I get to go back tomorrow and do it again! šŸ˜­

Right now just so glad to be home.

Posted on September 3rd, 2019 in Offline, Work by Megan. 10 Comments

A trip to the ER!

So, I mentioned in my last post I’ve had an UTI. Its stillĀ not gone. šŸ˜µ Its been very painful, and Thursday it got real bad. It was hurting bad by the area near my belly button while I was at work. I told my mom and she was concerned it could be my appendix. So, I told the manager my mom wanted to take me to the ER, so I got out early. We went right after.

It was such an long ordeal. We probably left around 11 am. Didn’t leave till around 6 pm. šŸ˜µ

They did a few tests. The usual blood work, urine sample. Also put an IV in and gave me some injections to help with the pain and nausea I was feeling. Oh, and they had me get X-Rays too. The results were supposed to take like 45 minutes, but we waiting more like two hours. Finally the doctor came to talk to us. He said there was a lot of blood in my urine. He wanted me to have a CAT scan to make sure there wasn’t any kidney stones.

So, back to waiting for the test. Finally they took me to get that done (got to ride a wheel chair!) After that, more waiting but in a private room. I was given a drip in my IV of antibiotics. The doctor came to talk to us again. No kidney stones, its apparently a really bad infection, that my medicine I was taking was not getting rid of. So, they were prescribing me another kind. They were waiting on my regular doctor to get on the phone so he could decide which one he wanted. He’s so horrible to get a hold of, so it was a long wait again. Finally, they got a hold of him. Also, got a note for work. My mom had asked if I should be working so the doctor gave a note for me to be off till Tuesday. Finally, we went home!

But at least we found out what was going on and its not something real bad. Though still hurts a lot. I’ve been mostly laying down and sleeping. I’m glad I have these days off, I think I needed them. Being on my feet all day at work doesn’t help this at all. Just gotta take this new medicine and try to drink more to get rid of this thing. I just want it gone!

Posted on August 31st, 2019 in Health, Offline by Megan. 4 Comments

Boos and yays!

Work was really rough last week…so far its mostly better this week.

Though I wasn’t feeling well this morning. Was rather shaky and felt sick to my stomach. I haven’t been feeling well lately anyway. I’ve had a unrinal track infection for a few weeks. Its been hurting badly, but on some better medication now for it and it is starting to get better. I just wish I didn’t have to pee all the time! Last night was up half the night peeing. Hoping that gets better soon. Also hoping to get some actual sleep tonight. Probably another reason I wasn’t feeling well.

In more positive news been playing a ton of Grandia. The Grandia HD Collection came out last week or so, and been addicted to it. Let’s put it this way…shortly after I got home I was playing. Ate dinner. Played some more, and only stopped a bit ago. As I said addicted! Its so good though! I highly recommend it! Can’t wait to get to Grandia II which is my favorite!

Soon should probably try to head to bed. Key word, try.

Posted on August 26th, 2019 in Games, Health, Offline by Megan. 6 Comments
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