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*gasp* An update not a month appart?!

Hello people! *waves* 🤗

Well, I apparently got my hours back. 😆 Just as I was getting used to the shorter shifts. 😣 I do kinda miss em, but more money! Yay!

Not a lot else going on…Mostly just working and sleeping. With some computer time tossed in.

Hm…having a hard time picking what to share since I decided not to share stuff that was long over like Christmas stuff…and some stuff is older…but I guess it doesn’t matter. I should just share what I feel like I suppose. *shrugs* 🤔 It sounds silly and stupid to worry about or question, but that’s what I do. Just how my mind works I guess. Something I’m working on sort of…

Meh, on another plus I finally made myself do some chores. I’ve been bad about it for like the last month. So its nice for my room to be nearly clean again. Just gotta tackle all this laundry. 😣 Also behind on Bible readings.

I was using some planner, but think I’ll just go back to a bullet journal. Gotta set that up, after I think about what I want it for and stuff.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Posted on February 2nd, 2020 in Health, Offline, Work by Megan. 5 Comments

Life Updates

Well, I suppose I should make an attempt to be slightly less lazy and update. 😆

Honestly not a ton to write about at the moment though.

Work has…been the same. They’ve been cutting hours and sadly been going after the people that have been there for years. Like me, I’ve been there over 10 years, and they cut them. Meanwhile the newer ones and younger ones seem to get the hours. 😑 Sadly, the problem probably is a combo. The scheduling manager seems to like the guys and the younger ones, and of course you get the ones that have connections. I was very angry about it for a long time. Espeically since they crabbed at me for complaining. I’m allowed. 😣 Though maybe I did too much…but when all of a sudden you lose hours of course you are. And plus they really should of explained WHY then. I kept thinking I caused it. 😕 And this other girl whose been there a long time too they really cut her hours…its not right. If they’re going to cut it should be everyone, and not the ones that have been there forever.

But whatever. I’ve made peace with it…and its not quite as bad as I first thought. Next week I seem to have a bit more but pretty sure its cause one of the younger ones requested off this next week. But whatever, I’ll take them.

Not much else really. Heel is still kicking my butt. Mostly bad at work, but some days not as bad. I still limp around though. 😓 I don’t think the insoles have helped at all. But I have a doctor appointment in March so I’ll mention it then. I really gotta remember to ice it and exercise it though. Its still swollen.

Anyway, I’ll end this here. Later!

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Yay, more issues!

I really have the worst luck. After all the issues with the UTI’s I mentioned now I can add another one. 😒

I’ve had some bad pain in my left heel. Originally my mom said it was probably arthritis. Usually it was bad when I got up, and I could walk it off. It got bad when the weather changed so still assumed that. Now, she thinks its an heel spur. All I know it hurts a lot. A lot of times I can barely put any pressure on it and walk. That part of the foot is all swollen too. Its especially bad at work since I’m on my feet all day. Often it feels like I’ve been stomping my foot on concrete.

I’ve tried some insoles, but most haven’t done much. I ordered some new ones that are supposed to be good for it, and have good reviews. Also picked up some massage foot roller at the drug store. You can use it hot or cold. I use it cold. It helps loosen the muscles and seems to help. Really hoping these insoles I ordered help. But gotta remember to exercise and ice this foot. Its supposed to help too.

Its always something with me. 😅

Anyway, for my next post I think I’ll do an ask me one. So, just leave some questions and I’ll answer them next time!

Posted on December 22nd, 2019 in Health, Offline by Megan. 10 Comments
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