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Meh day

Today has been…okay I suppose.

Work was irriatating me this morning. I was very grumpy. I went on an early break which I wasn’t pleased about, but on the other hand just wanted to take a break too. It didn’t really matter since I went home early anyway. They needed to cut people because they keep scheduling way too many people. Only worked slightly under three hours. I was fine with it since I was kinda hoping they’d have to. Would of been nice if they’d decided that before putting me on break. Also gotta watch it. I can’t lose too many hours. I think they said they gotta look at tomorrow’s schedule too, so hopefully they don’t shorten me. I already have a total of 3 short days counting today. So just gotta watch it with going home early.

Its hard cause I just get so sick of it. A lot of the people I work with are idiots. Honestly people tend to get on my nerves. Its just…very hard for me. Plus I get sick of having to do more then the others. I just don’t feel like working right now. But I need to, and besides I should be grateful to have this job, and I am. Its just hard sometimes. Especially when I get into these slumps or moods.

When I got home I played a bit of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and took a nap. After I woke up I fed myself, lazed a bit then cleaned my room.

Also had a doctor appointment over the phone. This doctor takes care of any medical stuff I need for my anxiety and depression (same place my counselor is at). I hate these things because I have a real hard time being completely honest. I always get scared they’ll think I’m nuts and lock me up. I know I’m not, just have trouble with stuff, but I hate telling them this stuff. I do have to get better with that. I do however, try to be mostly honest.

Anyway nothing major there. She renewed my medications I think and is sending scripts for a blood test. She wants me check that I’m all good.

On the subject of medical junk I think I’ve been grinding my teeth at night again. Ever so often it pops up. I guess when I get tense. I usually would wear a mouth guard for a bit at night and it would go away. I tried a different kind (since that’s all there was at the store). However, it made my gums feel weird in the morning. I think maybe the plastic rubbing on them? Not sure. But gonna try it without it tonight. I’ll just try not to clench them if I can help it. I hate when this happens, since it makes my mouth hurt. Hopefully it’ll go away soon.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

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Time to post!

Its been a while since I’ve posted here. Man, I’m horrible at this. 😅

Honestly not a ton going on. Mostly been the usual. I did have a week of vacation which was nice. I have another coming in August. 😃 I didn’t do anything really. Just stayed home, but our vacations usually are more staycations anyway.

I did however get Disney+. I was just planning to have it a couple months (for vacations) but I think I’ll be keeping it. So much good stuff on there! Plus one of the shows my mom likes is on there, The Incredible Dr. Pol which is a vet show basically. I enjoy it too.

Speaking of which Infinity Train Book 3 is coming to HBOMax in August. So, guess I’ll get that for a bit. Definitely not keeping it since its more expensive. Kinda bummed they moved Infinity Train on there, though it could be better for the show. This season looks really good, as usual.

Ha, I’m listening to my music on shuffle, have been all afternoon and this is the third time “Other Friends” from Steven Universe: The Movie has played. I have two different soundtracks on it and I know one has a couple different versions. Just find it funny. 😂 Its a good song though. 😜

But anyway, like I said other then that stuff not a ton going on.

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Why yes, I actually decided to update. 😜 I’m so terrible about this. 😂

Anyway, quite a bit happier then I was yesterday. Work was awful and I was just having a general bad day. Part of it is my own stupidness. I accidentally went two days without taking my anxiety/anti-depression meds. ðŸ˜Ģ On top of that my lady friend is due. ðŸĪŠ So, awful, awful day. Oh yeah, and it also was the anniversary of my brother’s death. 😭 My mom and sister got balloons and hung them on his archy target. Sadly the rain kinda messed em up. So yeah, again, not a happy day.

But as I mentioned I had a much better day today. Just was feeling better. Maybe since my meds were back in my system. Plus had a nice talk with my mom last night. Also started trying out the Five Minute Journal again via the app. That felt really good. I tend to credit that the most. 😅

And in more better news I bought myself a new computer. A MacBook Air.

Mine was a bit old. Mostly I got it because I had just gotten my vacation check from work (like $620), and I decided to use it for that, which covered slightly more then half. Normally it would of been saved for my vacations (a week in July and another in August), however, with the Covid-19 we’re not doing anything so I decided to use it for that.

Really love it. The new features are great, and it runs way better. My dad got my old one for Father’s Day. He hates trying to figure out how to use it. 😂 Its his first Mac.

Anyway, that’s about it I guess.

Posted on June 24th, 2020 in Family, Health, Offline, Technology, Work by Megan. 14 Comments
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