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Yay books!

Well, I’m still somewhat overwhelmed, but I often do feel like that I guess. *shrugs* Probably one of the many things I’ll always deal with.

I did however start meditating again. I felt I needed it. Not sure how I feel yet. *shrugs*

On the plus been doing loads of reading. Got really into it when I started reading the second series of The House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast. Forgot how good those books were. I completely devoured them. Soooo good! Then, moved on The Little House books, well one of the later series of them, The Rose Years by Roger Lea MacBride. Just as good as the original ones I think. Right now working on “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” by Christopher Paolini. I wasn’t sure how I’d like this one, but its soooo good! So hard to put down. I highly recommend it.

Oh yeah, I did some loveliness. I am so accident prone. I was taking some nasal spray last night. It wasn’t wanting to come out. My hand slipped and it went right in my eye. It was okay though. Didn’t even really hurt actually. I rinsed it and all was well. I actually did something similar before. Some years back I had had an eye infection and had been taking drops. I stupidly kept it with my eye drops. Naturally I eventually put it in my eye. That burned like crazy! And that eye was super dry after. Though it was okay too.

I was especially annoyed last night though since I was having issues with my one eye. Allergies or whatever I guess. Was draining on one side and the other was dry from moisture dripping (likely eye drops. I have dry eye. Actually got eye plugs put in for it which helped some.). Luckily I didn’t do it to that eye. Just was so mad at myself.

Guess that’s about it.

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Feeling overwhelmed

So…I haven’t written since before my vacation.

In regards to that it was okay. Not as good as my first.

Anyway, lately been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Work is always an issue there. It gets to me. Just gets…rough. But right now mostly I think some of the habits I’ve been trying to do aren’t helping. And by habits I mean things like my bullet journal, gratitude journal, mediation, stuff like that. Though I do think the meditation has been helpful. I just feel stressed about it. Especially in the morning doing that stuff.

I did discuss it with my mom and I’m taking a break from it. And then I’ll slowly try the stuff again and see how I feel.

Today was the first day I tried. I feel sorta happy I guess. More free. Part of me I guess doesn’t want to. I’m not saying I’m giving up the stuff. Not yet. I’m going to see how I feel. Like the meditation I do enjoy. Some days its meh but other days awesome. I think it does help too. But I’m going to try without it and see like the other stuff. Could be I’m just trying to do too much. But again we’ll see.

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Vacation plans and life

I decided I should actually post. Though at least it hasn’t been that long since my last post. 🤣

I’m doing okay. I mean work is pretty much the same. I have good days, and then days when I want to punch people. Mostly the last one. 😂

On the plus next week I’m on vacation. Looking forward to just having time off work. Not doing anything just gonna chill at home.

My sister thought of going to Lily Dale (which is basically a small town with mediums/psychics). We usually go every summer. Last year we didn’t go cause she had surgery on her hand. And this year there’s that whole Covid-19 mess. I don’t think she is. I wasn’t going to myself. I don’t think its smart to go somewhere where people travel to go. Not with this going on. However, you can get readings on the phone or on the computer. I’m thinking about getting one. Mostly curious if my brother would show up. I’ve had some good readings where interesting stuff pops up. Like how I have an Angel named Beth who watches over me. 😊 Its not for everyone. I used to be way more into this stuff but some of it makes me nervous, but I do still like some of it.

Did I ever mention the squirrel sized picnic table I got? I don’t think so. Anyway, I bought one off Amazon and some nuts for them. I’ve been feeding them and they’ve been coming. One time I didn’t put any out and one sat on it staring down the house. 🤣 And once when my sister was outside one yelled at her for getting too close to the nuts. 😆 Its really cool actually. 😀 To me their the ferrets of the trees. 😂

Well, I guess I gotta actually try to be somewhat productive. Later!

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