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My Dresser

So a while back I mentioned the new dresser I got. Pauline suggested I should show how it went with my room. Like a month ago I took a picture.

So there it is!

As for the things I have on it. There’s my radio that I mostly use for listening to my iPod. Two crystal like orbs with jellyfish in them. A big flower like lamp. Two angel wing dishes with angel tokens in them and another next to one. A holder for my Native American flutes (which are in their cases right now). Finally a Sailor Moon music box and a Sailor Moon figure. Oh wait…somewhere is some turtle figure floating around on there and not pictured now some My Little Pony figures on the speakers of the radio.

You may not be able to see it but on the right near the Sailor Moon figure there is damage on it. That’s how it came. It is being fixed. A guy is coming Friday to put a new top on it.

Other then that issue, I really love it. 😍 Its pretty and it stores my clothes pretty well! Mind you not everything is in there, but I seem to have enough room. Plus been throwing out stuff too which helps. Its taller then I’m used to, but I don’t mind too much.

Well, that’s all for now. I should get ready for bed. Later!


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New Project!

Oh man, I’m so exhausted! Its been a long day! 😓 But a fairly good one! ☺

I worked (yay for short shifts, especially when I got no sleep!), and after I came home cleaned off my dresser and dusted everything there. It badly needed it! Then, pulled it out, and got to work painting behind it. That’s my latest project, my poor room!

Here’s what my wall looks like now (different spot):

Ugly, ain’t it? It was going to be painted when my sister had this room, and once a few years back, but never got there.

Now, here’s what it looks like behind my dresser:

Better right? In case its hard to tell its a pale yellow which matches my rose bed spread nicely. Roses is the theme, by the way. My poor wrist was so sore after I finished! And I still got to do the molding yet behind there. It’ll all take a long time, but it’ll be worth it.

On another note, the dresser is going away too. I got a new one coming. In fact, you can see the one I got here. Pretty right? I love it. Can’t wait to get it. Trying to get that section down before it comes.

As for my little break, its going meh. I have a hard time staying offline. 😝 But I’ll keep trying and try not to be hard on myself. Same with my constant worrying.

Anyway, that’s all for now!


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Taking a little break…sort of

First thank you to all the lovely well wishes! It meant a lot!

I’m still not quite in a great place, but not entirely bad either. Kinda meh, and up and down.

However, I am going to try to make more of an effort to change things. For one, I’m taking a break from many things:

Now the last one, will probably be more of a partial break. Knowing me (and how addictive the internet is) I will pop around to check stuff. But I am going to try to limit that. I’d like to refrain from anything I see as a chore. We’ll see how that and all this goes.

Its not that I’m giving up these things, but I need a break from stuff I feel. I may/may not still post here. I’d like to share how stuff goes. I’m not even sure how long I’ll do it for, or how successful I’ll be, but its something I want to try for myself. Some stuff I may go back to doing, some I may not. I just I guess need a breather and I often wondered if a break like this could help.

As I said I’ll likely pop in and out, but I’m going to try to limit my time online.

Also, before I end this on my forum Caludin.com I’m looking for a moderator, so if anyone is interested check it out!


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Ashley, Yuki, and Laura

Posted on April 15th, 2018 in Offline, Online, Updates by Megan. 14 Comments
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