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An actual update?!

Ugh, I fail at updating. 😭 I really gotta update here more.

Well first off a very late Happy Thanksgiving! We just had dinner at home.

Honestly not a ton is new.

I did get a Fitbit Charge 3 though. I was using BellaBeat, but I’m liking this way more. So my sister gets to inherit some of my stuff from that. Not the trackers though. If anyone else uses it though let me know your name on there and I’ll friend you! 🥰

I also went through my poor closet. I threw out a lot! My sister was horrified. She’s a pack rat (honestly we all are) and hates throwing stuff out. She took a few bags home. 😝 I’m glad to be rid of the extra stuff, and it looks much nicer in there. I’m planning on tackling the hallway closet next and the little room we have which is full of stuff.

One thing I’m bummed about though is I can’t find my dancing Christmas ferret. As my mom said he has to be somewhere! On the plus my ferret cookie cutter came so I’ll be making cookies probably this weekend. Now to wait for my ferret Christmas hat… 😆

I’m also actually done with Christmas shopping, other then the dog! 😄

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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Feeling happy!

Hello! ☺️ My first real post since restarting! Been kinda nervous about it, which may sound silly. Its the perfectness in me and what not. 😝 But I know I shouldn’t be. So onward!

Excuse me…”Give a Reason” from Slayers Next is playing! Man I love this song still… 😍 Did ever since I first heard it when an old friend introduced me to Slayers Next, which happens to be my favorite season. 😝

Anyway…I’m actually in a pretty good mood today! Work actually went decent and been in a good mood for the most part all day.

Last night I decided I need to just let stuff go, so that’s what I’m trying to do. So far it seems to be going well. ☺️ Onward to happiness! 😝

Right now I’m tired and would love to lie down. Still debating honestly even though I know I shouldn’t. I should do some other things, but I’m also really tired and my chest was bothering me a bit. Plus cramps from my lady friend and I’ve been suffering from a urine infection so pressure from that (and constant bathroom trips!). So fun times. 😆

Meh, I’ll probably give in to my body and lie down. Hopefully not for too long. 😛 Later!

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