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New Project!

Oh man, I’m so exhausted! Its been a long day! 😓 But a fairly good one! ☺

I worked (yay for short shifts, especially when I got no sleep!), and after I came home cleaned off my dresser and dusted everything there. It badly needed it! Then, pulled it out, and got to work painting behind it. That’s my latest project, my poor room!

Here’s what my wall looks like now (different spot):

Ugly, ain’t it? It was going to be painted when my sister had this room, and once a few years back, but never got there.

Now, here’s what it looks like behind my dresser:

Better right? In case its hard to tell its a pale yellow which matches my rose bed spread nicely. Roses is the theme, by the way. My poor wrist was so sore after I finished! And I still got to do the molding yet behind there. It’ll all take a long time, but it’ll be worth it.

On another note, the dresser is going away too. I got a new one coming. In fact, you can see the one I got here. Pretty right? I love it. Can’t wait to get it. Trying to get that section down before it comes.

As for my little break, its going meh. I have a hard time staying offline. 😝 But I’ll keep trying and try not to be hard on myself. Same with my constant worrying.

Anyway, that’s all for now!


Pauline, Yuki Motokane, Michelle, Hiro, Laura, Georgie, and Kenny

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Quick update and a picture!

Just wanted to post a quick update/post! I know I vanished again! 😅 Sadly its a bad habit of mine.

Anyway, since it was requestioned here’s a picture of my ferret costume from Halloween!

Not the greatest of pictures. 😅 I only took a couple in the morning before work with my camera, so was the best I could do! My mom made the costume years ago. It mostly consists of a brown t-shirt, brown sweats with a tail my mom made out of fake fur sewed on. The hat is an old McDonald’s hat with the ears sewed on which my mom also made. In the picture I have a tan sweatshirt with squirrels (it was cold that morning so I wore that at first over the t-shirt!)

So there, happy now? 😆

Other then that more of the usual. Nothing much I feel like reporting on. So later!

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Vacation II: The rest

It is sadly the last day of my vacation. 😭 I DON’T WANNA GO BACK! 😛 But I must…starting tomorrow.

However, that’s not what this post is about! Its about the remainder of my vacation! Check it out after the break!

Plugs: Pauline and Sakura

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