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Puppy antics and surgery!

Figured I should actually post. πŸ˜†

Not a ton going on really. Mostly the usual, work, laziness, blah, blah, blah.

My sister did however just get surgery done. On her hand. Its been messed up since a car accident that happened last year. She’s in a lot of pain, and can’t do a lot right now. On the plus she’s out of work for it. She’ll be down around six to twelve weeks. Hopefully she’ll get the full twelve. That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t hurry back, plus she won’t be able to get a vacation like she usually does around now anyway. Plus she has to make sure she’s okay to work.

While she’s recovering her dog has been staying with her. She really can’t handle her like she is right now. Poor thing was so confused last night when my sister left without her. She waited for her to come back and was crying. Eventually she chilled out and went to sleep on my bed. Poor baby. Though I don’t mind. She’s so cuddly! 😍 I actually had her dog and mine upstairs in bed last night. Though mine left after a short while. The other one has to stay in so she doesn’t bother mine. Sometimes she gets too frisky with her and wants to play when mine doesn’t and they fight a tad. Nothing major, my dog just tells her to knock it off really. She’s super gentle with animals.

Yuck, just had to kill an ant that was crawling about on my desk. EVIL!

Oh yeah, my sister’s dog, has a new little game. In the hallway to get outside there are two doors. She will come down the stairs and follow people outside. She did it twice! Each time she just strolls out! So we gotta be careful with shutting the first door so she can’t access the one that leads outside. Dumb dog. I wish she was a little dumber sometimes. πŸ˜†

Well, that’s all for now! Till next time! …Whenever that is! πŸ˜†

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I’m tired, and honestly should be getting ready for bed.

Been on the computer pretty much since at the latest 2 PM. Trying to restore my iPad and get my songs back on. πŸ˜’ Been having a hard time partly cause of my focus on doing it perfect and making sure its perfect. Its annoying and one of the many things I need to get over. But I should be almost done…hopefully.

I gotta spend my time better. I just feel like I waste everyday.

Just not feeling great honestly. Not horrible, but not great. I’ve been bad and been picking (at scabs and pimples I get) which I shouldn’t do. Its a nervous thing partly. Doesn’t help I’m still waiting for my month buddy to show up. πŸ˜‚

Meh, well I guess that’s it for now.

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The joys of anxiety!

Figured I should update. I don’t even think I’ve written in my journal this week! Haven’t really thought to or been lazy. But its been a rough week with work. Hopefully this week will be better! Just gotta try harder! 😘

Today been struggling a bit. Mostly with anxiety and stuff. Partly its cause my period should be coming soon. Also I did take my medications later (for depression and anxiety and stuff). I’m used to taking it at like 4:30 am, I took it around noonish. πŸ˜… So probably a bit of everything. However, I mostly been doing okay dealing with it. Just been telling myself to calm down.

I’ve found this quote helpful from Tiny Budda.com:

β€œWhen you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” – Unknown –

Its got me all over it! πŸ˜† But I keep thinking of it today and I found it helps. That and trying just to ignore stuff.

Also the same site has an interesting book on worries. More info here. Tempted to try it, but not quite sure if its for me. Plus I do have a lot of journals as it is. πŸ˜… I do follow their twitter and like some of the quotes they post.

I am at least nearly done with all my chores. Just a few more to finish up and all done. Its nice to be done a little bit eariar then usual.

I’d like to watch some Magic Knight Rayearth, but probably won’t happen. Hopefully can at least fit in catching up on reading “Precious Moments Holy Bible” though!

Posted on March 31st, 2019 in Health, Offline, Online by Megan. 12 Comments
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