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Some quick updates

Should really go do some other stuff, but I’ll update real quick I guess.

Sooo, you know how I said my UTI stuff was getting better? Liiiiies! 😛

The antibiotics did help…but when I went off it went back to how it was pretty much. They tested my urine again and it didn’t have an infection (not before either when the results did finally come back), so they don’t know what’s wrong. So, getting some tests done in a couple weeks. Sadly, doubt they’ll show anything, though I hope so. I can’t stand this anymore. Its hard to sleep sometimes and I hate going to the bathroom all the time.

As for my bowel issues, still the same. Sometimes its okay and I can go, other times its hard and painful when I can’t. Last few days have been. Makes my sides and lower back hurt. The joys of my life! 😜

One slight plus is I’ve lost some weight. Last month was around 174, now 170. I don’t have a huge appetite with this stuff going on so I don’t eat a ton so that’s why. Not the best way to lose it, but I’ll take it.

Another happy thing is next week I’m off work for vacation. Though as usual just a stay at home one. But looking forward to it. I need the break.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.

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Plumbing issues

Blah, really gotta make an effort to write more. I know I always say that, but its still true. 🤪

Anywaaaay. Still having UTI and bowel issues. It was kinda okay for a while. My UTI stuff acted up though. I was going to the bathroom like every 10-15 minutes, which sucks at work since I can’t always go and it hurts when I can’t. Plus its a pain in the butt. Plus I had a hard time sleeping since I was usually up all night going. Last week got so bad I went home early from work. Then over that weekend my bowel started again which gave me a lot of pain. Did call the urology place and got an appointment. I did apparently have an UTI which they gave me medicine for. Also said that and the bowel stuff is likely connected. The medicine seems to have helped. I don’t seem to be going quite as often. The bowel…well at times its okay and then it gets bad again. I hate it cause then it really hurts. That and I keep getting sick to my stomach cause of all this and feel like I’m going to puke. And don’t have much of a appetite. I gotta eat more I know…and my mom says I need to drink more water which is also true. Just sick of this stuff. 😩

Really tired too. If I was smart I’d go to bed now, but meh. 😛 Might read some articles online or play more Grandia II even though I’ve played plenty today.

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Yep, still alive!

Again been a while since I updated.

The small burn I mentioned from last time was just fine by the way. Very minor. No longer allowed to brew the tea. 🤪 I’m quite fine with that.

Mostly the same old. Though did have a scare with my mom. She came down with pneumonia. Though we had no idea it was that to begin with. She seemed just normal sick but then became bed ridden and practically comatose. She had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. I was afraid she had covid or that we were going to lose her… 😭Luckily, it wasn’t the case. She was in there about a week and came home like a week ago. Though she’s still not completely over it. She’s still pretty weak.

They did have aides coming in to check her vitals a few times of week which wasn’t really needed. They didn’t do much for her so she canceled that. Plus the one woman was an idiot. Claimed the birds made her sick. Here’s the thing we’ve had birds like my whole life. So no. 😒

This last week I got my covid shot. Luckily got the Johnson & Johnson so only had to get one shot. 😀 Everyone in the house is now vaccinated now. My parents claimed it didn’t hurt. BULL. That thing hurt and my arm is still sore. Though it is lessening. As far as side effects I was feeling off for a few days. Had a slight fever and threw up a bit and felt sick to my stomach. Granted the stomach isn’t entirely unusual for me. I have issues with UTI and going number two so…yeah. 😅 But not feeling as bad. Though today am a bit dizzy. But the weather keeps flipping and haven’t eaten anything but peaches today so probably it, but rather wait till dinner to eat.

Oh yeah, I went and upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 11. I got it in purple. Love it! 😍 Kept my old one though and using it as a mini tablet. 😜

I guess that’s about it. Hopefully won’t be as long between updates. 🤪

Posted on April 10th, 2021 in Family, Health, Offline, Technology, Work by Megan. 12 Comments
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