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The best luck in the world!

…Not. 😛 Seriously I swear I have more problems. That’s why my mom called me her arby. ðŸĪŠ

Also if you rather not read about um…UTI’s and bowel issues, feel free to skip the rest of the entry.

So what this time? Weeeell if you read any past entries you may know (or not) that I have issues with UTI’s. Last year I had one for like three months. I apparently am very prone to them. I was put on small dose antbolics to try to keep it like at bay. They also looked inside my bladder which was fine.

Before the lockdown out here with Covid I was having problems with it again. I had gone to the urologist again. They gave me some stronger antibiotics to get rid of it, but it never really went away. I tried some again a few weeks ago. Still nada.

Now, its gotten as bad as it was last year. I get pain by my belly button (which my doctor says is by the bladder) and the groan, and obviously when I use the bathroom. Hurts like hell to hold it which I often have to at work. I was nearly in tears the one day. And like the last time the pain is pretty constant and I feel it in my sides a lot, and it makes me nauseous. I often feel like I’m gonna puke which I have (though more of a coughing forced one, but still there).

But wait! There’s more! I’m having bowel issues too. For a while I was bleeding quite a bit (my mom said likely a hemroid.). Also what came out looked er…infected. Now I can’t really go at all. ðŸ˜Ŧ My mom said maybe we’re try some kind of medicine to make me. ðŸĪĢ

So yes, Megan is a giant mess. 😅

Today I took off work since it was so bad yesterday. Have an appointment for the urologist too. Hopefully something can be done. It makes it hard to work like this. 😔

So yes, that’s what going on in the land of Megan! 😅

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