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I’m tired, and honestly should be getting ready for bed.

Been on the computer pretty much since at the latest 2 PM. Trying to restore my iPad and get my songs back on. 😒 Been having a hard time partly cause of my focus on doing it perfect and making sure its perfect. Its annoying and one of the many things I need to get over. But I should be almost done…hopefully.

I gotta spend my time better. I just feel like I waste everyday.

Just not feeling great honestly. Not horrible, but not great. I’ve been bad and been picking (at scabs and pimples I get) which I shouldn’t do. Its a nervous thing partly. Doesn’t help I’m still waiting for my month buddy to show up. 😂

Meh, well I guess that’s it for now.

Posted on May 7th, 2019 in Health, Offline by Megan. 0 Comments


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