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Finally some more productive stuff and good news!

Rather exhausted right now. I finally was a bit productive even though I wasted half the day lazing around and playing a bunch of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line on Switch.

See, the upstairs which I primary use in the house has been a mess for ages. I’ve been slacking for probably over a year with cleaning and honestly living like a pig. I used to at least clean weekly but haven’t for a while. Some is I think depression and some is just lack of motivation and maybe energy plays a part too. Anyway, it’s been a mess. I’ve been picking here and there at it, but mostly failing because I don’t put in the effort.

Today I finally buckled down after wasting most of the day and got on it. I cleaned up my room, the hallway, and the bathroom. Everything looks and feels way better even though I’m exhausted from it. There’s still stuff to do, but that I’ll try to work on gradually probably. It’s way, way better now. Kinda proud of myself for finally doing it.

Some good news on the health end too. My one doctor that was refusing to believe I needed iron infusions she last mentioned some shot. Don’t remember what it’s for exactly, but to help me make red blood cells or something like that? Don’t remember. Anyway, she must of been in contact with the kidney one about it, and I guess he agreed it could help, but he found it usually worked best after loading the patient up with iron so, finally, finally, I’m going to get some infusions! Hopefully they perk me up a little. Not too thrilled bout the shot, but she also say depending on levels or whatever after the infusions I may not need to do it right away. Hoping not. Makes me nervous. Just worry about side effects and stuff.

I get my first infusion tomorrow after work. Hoping it helps!

Posted on March 3rd, 2024 in Games, Health, Offline by Megan. 2 Comments

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