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As usual not much going on. Had a nice Thanksgiving. Hope everyone else did too!

Right now working away at Christmas shopping. Though mostly set, other then a few gifts.

I really would like to update more. Just…rarely much to write about. But don’t want to give up this place either. No, I’m not closing it! 😛

I mostly write here like in the old days of blogging. Just bout my life. Just always have. Though the few times I’ve had more themed posts, those were fun.

I think part of my issue sometimes is I have a hard time sharing some stuff. Like stuff I mess up and what not, or thoughts I don’t think are great. I get ashamed or embarrassed. I have the same issue with my offline journal. But, I guess it shouldn’t matter. Just write about what I want, as long as I’m not hurting anyone.

Anyway, what would you guys like to see? I won’t definitely take your suggestions for sure, but I will consider them!

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Ugh…not again!

Well, time to actually post. 😅

Mostly stuff has been the usual boring stuff. Work, and stuff like that.

Halloween I didn’t do much (but I don’t really these days anyway). I just dress up for work. As usual I was a ferret. 😆 Sorry, no pictures! I didn’t take any.

In not so great news, I posed about an UTI infection I had that was real bad (lasted like a month). Well, after like a week it came back. So, constantly using the potty, and getting pain down there. Then, all of a sudden it went to my side. Just a little pain at first, then it moved to most of it and a little under my chest. It hurts really bad sometimes.

I did go see a ‘lady’ doctor for this. She said after my check up (which hurt real bad, since I’m tender there. I nearly cried), that the sides of my bladder are swollen and I do have UTI again. She said I should see this other doctor, which I have an appointment with on Friday. Got one with my regular doctor Wednesday too. Hopefully someone can figure out what’s with this. This isn’t normal, I’ve never had it like this. I’ve had UTI’s before, but nothing like this. Its been like two months, and I’m sick of being in pain, and I can hardly sleep (since I take many potty trips during the night). Hopefully there will be a solution soon. I can’t take much more of this.

Well, that’s pretty much it.

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Happy Easter and puppies!

I really gotta update more. 😅

Anyway, first off Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! We didn’t do much, just got baskets, had breakfast and dinner together. It was nice.

Also, my sister finally got a new puppy. Her dog Piper died a few months back.

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Posted on April 22nd, 2019 in Family, Offline, Pets by Megan. 2 Comments
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