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I know, I know, so many posts from me. Shocking right? 😜

Anyway, still lots of snow. ❄ïļ But we finally got our driveway plowed. Poor dad was shoveling yesterday though these kids (about teenagers in age?) stopped to help, though he did pay them. Today his cousin or whatever was bringing a snow blower, not sure if they came or not honestly. However, this plow driver stopped and asked if he needed it plowed. We ended up paying him $325, so it’s at least better then it was, though still messy.

I can at least return to work now. Was supposed to work today but obviously since we couldn’t get out couldn’t. It’s kinda sad I’m almost excited too. Be nice to get out of the house. Dad’s been driving us nuts since he’s been yelling around and stuff.

My sister’s dog is still stuck till my dad gets the driveway cleared up more so she can come over. Poor thing was upset cause around when my sister normally would come home from work she heard the door. Was just my dad coming in. Poor little baby.

I love how I had all these days off, and I do nothing. And on the last day “Let’s do all my chores now!” ðŸĪŠ Bad habit of mine honestly. Mostly everything is done at least.

I guess I’ll end this here. 😛

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And…still snow

Guess I ain’t going to work tomorrow. ðŸĪŠ

Still snowed in at my house. Have no one to plow us, though my dad is being stubborn bout looking. Snow blower is broke. Poor father is out there shoveling. Its too heavy a snow for that and he’s just being stubborn about it.

I texted the main manager telling her what was going on so she took me off for tomorrow. Hoping I’ll be able to go Tuesday. Don’t care to anger people. Not that I can help it. Honestly, a silly stupid part of me hoped they’d send someone to plow us or just pick me up. Yes, I am well aware that was very wishful thinking, but meh.

Actually is worse outside than I thought. I had to take some trash out and figured “Oh I can trudge over to the garbage cans.” Yeah, no way. ðŸĪĢ It was piled up so high and no where to really walk easily. So, tossed em on the bank next to the house near one of gardens and called it a day. 😜

On the plus now four day weekend! 😆

Sister’s dog is still stuck here too. She’s kinda sulky about it. Doesn’t understand and misses my sister.

Guess that’s it for now.

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Look, look! An update that’s not like a month or more later than my last! ðŸĪŠ

We just got a load of snow (and the first for this year). Actually was a pretty good one as lot of places closed down and there was a driving ban and state of emergency. Granted our area does normally get a lot of snow.

Even McDonalds was considering closing. Normally we close for nothing but the owner first wanted us to go in later, then was going to have us wait till she decided instead. Didn’t matter for me since my dad’s snow blower stopped working so couldn’t get out of the drive way anyway, so couldn’t go. No idea if they ended up closing or not. I mostly slept that day honestly. I was lazy. 😛

Today going to try to be more productive. Still snowed in here, so parents are trying to get someone to plow us out. I do have to go back to work Monday, well as long as we find someone. On the plus though three day weekend! 😄

Right now just joking about online. Will maybe do some stuff after this. I got some cleaning and laundry to do. I gotta wash my bedding since I spilled orange pop on some of it last night. 😭

Oh yeah, my sister’s dog is stuck here too. ðŸķ She spent the night before the storm and well…she obviously isn’t able to go home now. She’s a bit confused. As is my dog since usually my sister comes over, but she obviously can’t. My sister’s dog makes a nice heater though. Mine…likes to cuddle but she is a biter. Doesn’t always like if you move. ðŸĪĢ

Anyway, I guess that’s about it.

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