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Some health updates

Okay. So again been a while. I always mean to update sooner, but either don’t feel like it or time just passes fast. Mostly laziness I guess. But not giving up on here yet. 😀

This will mostly be an update on health junk.

I did see a kidney specialist. Honestly at most I think I was expecting I’d need surgery to fix the fact that when I pee some goes back up in the kidney’s. Definitely was not what I expected.

Apparently my kidney’s aren’t doing well. I’m in stage four kidney disease. 😧 I guess the whole issue with the pee going back in keeps damaging them. He mentioned that if the numbers get to a certain level I may need dialysis. And if it reaches around there I guess he wants me on a transplant list as soon as possible. 🤕 So yeah, totally hadn’t expected that. It’s honestly scary.

And I guess that’s what’s causing my anemia. The one place that suggested I see a kidney specialist, claimed I didn’t need iron infusions anymore, supposedly had a store of it. Funny thing is both my primary and this guy said I do need it. Idiots. This doctor had some blood tests done and my iron is around 9%. So yeah, definitely do need that. 😤 No wonder I’ve been feeling like crud lately. I’m tired all the time, and have a hard time at work since I’m always moving around and on my feet which tires me out fast right now. I’m going to be getting some infusions again. Trying to go through the place I got them before since it might be cheaper, but if they won’t do it (this doctor’s office doesn’t deal with them), I can go through what place this doctor uses. Either way I’ll at least be getting them. I knew when they stopped them I still needed them. 😠 And of course this place has yet to get back to me about it, so they’ll need to be called again.

Also he wants my urologist to do some test on my bladder to see how that is. I was supposed to get it done this last week but we had a big snow storm so that got canceled. They were supposed to call to reschedule, but nope. So they gotta be called too.

This kidney specialist doctor I like though. He looked at literally everything he could and seems very good. Actually seems to know what he’s doing, and wants to go at this more aggressive then the other doctors have been.

It is annoying that it hadn’t been caught before this. Like the thing with the pee going back in the kidney’s that’s something that usually is found when your like a baby and fixed then. Very rarely fixed on people older. Dunno how that was missed. And the iron stuff annoys me especially since literally two different doctors both said I needed it. It never should have gotten so low. 😤

Oh yeah. I have to take vitamin D now too he said.

I guess that’s mostly it. Haven’t been up to much really other then work. Haven’t felt like doing much either. Partly laziness, lack of motivation, and I’m just tired a lot.

Well, that’s all for now.

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