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Plumbing issues

Blah, really gotta make an effort to write more. I know I always say that, but its still true. 🤪

Anywaaaay. Still having UTI and bowel issues. It was kinda okay for a while. My UTI stuff acted up though. I was going to the bathroom like every 10-15 minutes, which sucks at work since I can’t always go and it hurts when I can’t. Plus its a pain in the butt. Plus I had a hard time sleeping since I was usually up all night going. Last week got so bad I went home early from work. Then over that weekend my bowel started again which gave me a lot of pain. Did call the urology place and got an appointment. I did apparently have an UTI which they gave me medicine for. Also said that and the bowel stuff is likely connected. The medicine seems to have helped. I don’t seem to be going quite as often. The bowel…well at times its okay and then it gets bad again. I hate it cause then it really hurts. That and I keep getting sick to my stomach cause of all this and feel like I’m going to puke. And don’t have much of a appetite. I gotta eat more I know…and my mom says I need to drink more water which is also true. Just sick of this stuff. 😩

Really tired too. If I was smart I’d go to bed now, but meh. 😛 Might read some articles online or play more Grandia II even though I’ve played plenty today.

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