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My Sailor Moon Music Box! BOW TO IT!

I mentioned in my last post about my new Sailor Moon music box I got last month. I know Sakura was curious so I shall post about it!

Go check it out after the break!

Plugs: Edel, Sakura, PaulineKassy, and Kenny

The official name of it is “Bandai Tamashii Nations Tuxedo Mirage Memorial “Sailor Moon” Ornament” according to Amazon anyway. However, I bought mine off of Entertainment Earth. Its based on the music box shown in the Sailor Moon S ending “Tuxedo Mirage.” It plays two versions of the song. An instrumental one that sounds like a music box and the vocal version. And comes with cards so you can change the pictures on the windows of the music box. You can have the moon castle, the images of the sailor guardians shown in the ending, and another version of them shown in the ending.

I’ve always loved music boxes (I own several! Perhaps someday I’ll do a music box post?) and how awesome to own one from the show? So as soon as I found a english site that had pre-orders open I ordered it. It finally arrived during my vacation last month.

Below are some pictures:

And finally video’s!:



Lovely, right? Sometimes Serenity and Endymion don’t move so great, but trust me better then when I got it. It took some fiddling, but not too much. I also love the touch of the moon phases on the side. Though it looks odd if you put the other cards in. I prefer the moon castle anyway. So glad I got it!

Posted on August 6th, 2017 in Anime, Music, Photos, Videos by Megan. 12 Comments

Posted on August 7th, 2017, at 4:38 am by Christine.

Whoa, that is really BEAUTIFUL! =O Love how you’re showing us both pictures and videos of the music box in action: awesome. ^__^ The size of the music box looks good, too — it’s pretty big!

Are your other music boxes from other anime?

Posted on August 7th, 2017, at 6:46 am by Maroon Caludin.

Nah. I think this is the only one I have from anime. I have a few Disney ones, one with a nice saying on it, couple fairy ones, and some Twilight ones. Maybe someday I’ll show em off too.

Posted on August 7th, 2017, at 4:30 pm by Hiro.

Ohh…shiny… Can you open it and put things in it, or it’s not that kind of music box?

Posted on August 8th, 2017, at 9:42 am by Maroon Caludin.

Nah, sadly not. Though it would of been a nice touch!

Posted on August 8th, 2017, at 3:39 am by Cristina.

I looove the music box. It looks amazing <3. I'd love to see a music box collection post soon.

I always wanted a music box but I never got one. I guess it's a thing I have to buy. I will put it on my list <3

Posted on August 8th, 2017, at 9:43 am by Maroon Caludin.

Maybe sometime I’ll do it!

I’ve always loved them. You should totally get one!

Posted on August 8th, 2017, at 10:25 am by Edel.

This is so cute! I will admit that I prefer the musical box version instead of the one with vocals. This makes me want a Sailor Moon music box of the opening theme. It would fit perfectly!

Posted on August 8th, 2017, at 11:41 am by Maroon Caludin.

Yeah, same here. I usually have it in that mode. I’m waiting to see if they make a proplica of the star locket, otherwise I’ll eventually get the one they re-releashed a couple years ago.

Posted on August 9th, 2017, at 1:41 pm by Michelle.


Posted on August 10th, 2017, at 12:39 pm by Maroon Caludin.

I know, right?! =3

Posted on August 10th, 2017, at 8:52 pm by Mikari.

it’s so cute!

Posted on August 10th, 2017, at 10:49 pm by Maroon Caludin.

I know, right? =3


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