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Feeling overwhelmed

So…I haven’t written since before my vacation.

In regards to that it was okay. Not as good as my first.

Anyway, lately been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Work is always an issue there. It gets to me. Just gets…rough. But right now mostly I think some of the habits I’ve been trying to do aren’t helping. And by habits I mean things like my bullet journal, gratitude journal, mediation, stuff like that. Though I do think the meditation has been helpful. I just feel stressed about it. Especially in the morning doing that stuff.

I did discuss it with my mom and I’m taking a break from it. And then I’ll slowly try the stuff again and see how I feel.

Today was the first day I tried. I feel sorta happy I guess. More free. Part of me I guess doesn’t want to. I’m not saying I’m giving up the stuff. Not yet. I’m going to see how I feel. Like the meditation I do enjoy. Some days its meh but other days awesome. I think it does help too. But I’m going to try without it and see like the other stuff. Could be I’m just trying to do too much. But again we’ll see.

Posted on September 10th, 2020 in Health, Offline, Writing by Megan. 4 Comments

Posted on September 11th, 2020, at 4:41 am by Michelle.

I hope you feel better *hugs*

Posted on September 13th, 2020, at 4:27 pm by Megan.

Thanks! *hugs back*

Posted on September 21st, 2020, at 1:28 pm by Kenny.

I’ve tried meditation before. It just wasn’t for me. Although, I didn’t try extra extra hard, heh. :p

Posted on September 22nd, 2020, at 7:30 pm by Megan.

Yeah I try it off and on. XD


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