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Boo, burns!

Its really one thing after another with me. 😅

Thursday at work I injured myself…spilled hot tea on my hand/arm and burnt the hell outta it. ðŸĨš

At first I didn’t think much of it. It hurt like hell, but I’ve burnt myself before and I figured it was fine. I went and put some aloe junk we had there. I soon noticed some skin peeling. And this one guy there commented that it was a bad burn and needed to be wrapped or something so it wouldn’t get infected. I showed the manager and she told me to go home and have my parents take me to the ER. The guy that had looked at the burn earlier drove me home which was super nice. 🙂 I called my parents on the way so they’d unlock the door (this was like almost 5:30 am) ðŸĪŠ

When I came in I was bawling. It hurt so bad. I never had anything hurt so bad. 😭 We went to an ER. They had me run cold water on it, then they put some liquid stuff on it to numb it, they cut open some of the blisters, put something like Neospoin on it, and wrapped it.

Had to make an appointment to go to another hospital to get it looked at at a burn center. Later the one manger at work called to check on me, as did the owner.

I went to the burn center today. They unwrapped it and looked it over. Its so ugly. Some raw patches of skin, and more blisters. But they said its healing pretty good. They showed me how to clean it, put some cream on it, and dress it. Supposed to do it twice a day. That part hurts a bit. I still hurt just no where near as bad as when I first did it. I gotta go back again on Tuesday.

I’m out of work till at least Wednesday. And work is going to be covering the doctor bills. Honestly I feel funny about that. My mom and sister said I shouldn’t since it happened at work. But, it wasn’t anyones fault. What happened was the filter where you put the tea bag, after brewing some unsweet tea, I went to dump the tea bag and the filter thing didn’t drain all the hot water like it should and it dumped all over my hand. So yeah, no ones fault. Just an unfortunate accident. I just feel weird about it…cause I’m not like looking to get anything from this. Just trying to do what I’m supposed to do. And no cause any trouble or stuff like that. ðŸĨš Just feel funny about it. *shrugs*

But overall I’m okay. Most of the burn was more on my wrist and arm. The top of my hand did get burnt, but the arm took most of it. At least I can use the hand part. Which means I can type. 😆 Still trying to take it easy on it, and not using it more then I have too since its very sore yet. Mostly where the raw skin is. But as I said overall I’m okay. 🙂

Posted on November 20th, 2020 in Health, Offline, Work by Megan. 6 Comments

Updates on health junk

So, I went to the doctor yesterday. He gave me some new antibolics. Can’t say yet on whether they’re helping with the UTI. Too early to tell.

Work today was…rough. I was in a lot of pain and just felt sick from the nausea. Even after I was still in a lot of pain.

As for my bowel issue. Well I took some medicine I picked up from the drug store yesterday. I was bleeding again, but finally could go. Still blood though. My mom’s convinced it hemroids. Long as its not anything too horrid. One thing I have to say is the pain seemed to lessen after. Not sure if its a coincidence or not. But whatever.

Tomorrow as far as work I’ll see. If I start hurting bad I’ll just tell them I have to go. I do get sick of being the idiot that sucks stuff up. Especially when you have these wussy people who go home over everything. Well that would be one thing, but you get the ones who do it every week and pretty sure they don’t want to work. Just gets irritating when you’re pushing yourself. But, that’s also how I am too. Meh.

Just one more work day to get through.

Posted on November 12th, 2020 in Health, Offline, Work by Megan. 6 Comments

Vacation plans and life

I decided I should actually post. Though at least it hasn’t been that long since my last post. ðŸĪĢ

I’m doing okay. I mean work is pretty much the same. I have good days, and then days when I want to punch people. Mostly the last one. 😂

On the plus next week I’m on vacation. Looking forward to just having time off work. Not doing anything just gonna chill at home.

My sister thought of going to Lily Dale (which is basically a small town with mediums/psychics). We usually go every summer. Last year we didn’t go cause she had surgery on her hand. And this year there’s that whole Covid-19 mess. I don’t think she is. I wasn’t going to myself. I don’t think its smart to go somewhere where people travel to go. Not with this going on. However, you can get readings on the phone or on the computer. I’m thinking about getting one. Mostly curious if my brother would show up. I’ve had some good readings where interesting stuff pops up. Like how I have an Angel named Beth who watches over me. 😊 Its not for everyone. I used to be way more into this stuff but some of it makes me nervous, but I do still like some of it.

Did I ever mention the squirrel sized picnic table I got? I don’t think so. Anyway, I bought one off Amazon and some nuts for them. I’ve been feeding them and they’ve been coming. One time I didn’t put any out and one sat on it staring down the house. ðŸĪĢ And once when my sister was outside one yelled at her for getting too close to the nuts. 😆 Its really cool actually. 😀 To me their the ferrets of the trees. 😂

Well, I guess I gotta actually try to be somewhat productive. Later!

Posted on August 12th, 2020 in Family, New Age, Offline, Religion, Work by Megan. 8 Comments
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