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Been somewhat busy lately. And lazy too! 😂

A few months (well more like maybe two at most) we got a treadmill. My mom’s doctor recommended one to her to strengthen her lungs, and I jumped right in saying I’d love one too. Eventually she finally did get one (I’m splitting the price of it with her!) Sadly when we got it when we plugged it in it wouldn’t turn on, so we had to wait for parts for it to be fixed. We waited over a month. It really was ridiculous. One day my mom decided to try plugging it in for the heck of it, and the damn thing turned on! 😦 So, yeah, it apparently works now. So at least we don’t gotta fight to get it repaired anymore.

Anyway, I’ve probably been using it the most. I use it most days for a half hour to an hour. I really love it. It feels great! 😁

Still working at Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix as well, though haven’t been playing a ton. Its hard to find the time sometimes and honestly if I turn it on I’m there for a while. 😅

Also been playing Sailor Moon Drops on and off. Honestly I’m pretty bored of it (have been for a while) but wanna get my fun in till it shuts down at the end of the month.

Also still working on a secret project for my forum. I will share it once I’m done probably. Its getting there though. 🙂

That’s about it really.

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Updates on life!

Why yes, I am updating. 😜

I’ve been meaning to, just I usually ended up writing in my journal. And I don’t wanna write the same thing over and over, so I don’t write it here too usually. On the plus been somewhat keeping up with writing in my journal. If only I could with other things.

Not much to update on. Another reason I don’t usually write. Sometimes I honestly question why I bother to have a blog, but I don’t quite want to get rid of it at this point so I’ll keep at it for now. Or attempt to.

Mostly just been working. Been playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix as well. And working on a project for my forum, which is a secret for now. 😝 But I will say its going mostly well.

Work as usual is ugh… 😵 I seriously hate it. Sometimes its okay, but most often I’m just annoyed at the whole thing. I mean I guess that’s normal, but I need to work on that, for myself.

I dunno, just in one of those not entirely wanting to bother with stuff moods. Probably doesn’t help that its my special time of month. 😆

Well, that’s all for now!

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So, I’m sure you’re all wondering where all my posts went. Well, its honestly kind of silly I guess.

I recently started a new journal. I had another I was writing in, but the notebook it was in. I hated writing in it even though it was pretty (and had roses). I decided to switch to something smaller and more portable. I ended up tossing the old one.

Here’s my new one!:

Cute fabric Unicorn notebook I got from Office Max!

Cute right? I love it. And the unicorn is nice and soft. So, he’s my new journal! 😀 I’ve been enjoying writing in it. Gonna try to keep at it!

So what does that have to do with my blog? Well I decided to start fresh here as well. I’m going to try to just let myself go here and not take it so seriously and act like everything has to be only positive (not that positive isn’t good, but that’s not always how my life is) and just not try to act like it has to be a certain way or perfect.

Honestly its kinda hard not to redo the whole site. 😆 I have a horrible habit of re-doing things, which I’m trying to like not do. Especially with stuff like this. I know after a while sometimes people get fed up. So yeah, leaving that alone. And hopefully won’t purge posts again here!

Like my journal I’ll try to keep at blogging here!

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