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I’m here, I’m here!

I know, I know, I keep disappearing! And when I do appear I don’t post much of anything. I’m going to try to update more! 😅

Anyway, as usual not much to report.

Been having issues off and on with my worries/anxiety, but as always am trying to work through it! And try not to drive my mom too crazy with my constant questions about my worries! 😅 Plus work is nearly always annoying! 😠

I’ve been a little (probably more then a little!) obsessed with role playing as well. Been quite into this one I’ve been doing with a friend on The Coffee House. Gonna try not to let it consume everything though. But not be too hard on myself about it either! There’s loads of stuff I gotta improve on and as I just wrote in my diary/journal all I can do is try and be myself. And I will. 😉

On the plus been reading more. Got through more books! Right now I’m reading “Extreme Teen Bible,” “Conversations with God Book 1,” and “Clariel” by Garth Nix.

Oh and season 7 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic started! It started off great! Had me laughing! 😆

That’s about it.

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An late Happy Valentines Day!

A belated Happy Valentines Day! 😘 Feels like forever since I wrote last when really its just been a week.

Anyway! My Valentines Day was oridanary! I did get some Valentines though!

An card from my sister and a truffle heart from my mom. I did have two truffle hearts, but the other magical vanished. I suspect my brother took it! 😝

Also from my mom, roses! 😍

Not too much else going on. Much lazing about between work and such. I spent today getting caught up on chores and stuff.

Oh yes! And this weekend there was a Gravity Falls marathon! It was the anniversary of the end of the show on the 15th! But they skipped some episodes here and there. Boo! I didn’t watch a ton of it anyway. I did however, finally buy the rest of the series off iTunes. I’ll probably watch that sometime then!

I should probably start heading to bed. Night!

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