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The Name

I’m not even sure if “Entrial” is a real word. I think I came up with it by randomly typing or somnething, but I don’t remember. Either way I like how it looks. Anyway, its a kingdom in a novel I’m writing. I wanted it in the name since its like my own made up world. Well, one of them. As for “tales” I wanted that in the name cause then its like the stories of Entrial.

The Layout/Theme/Template


This template was made by Cristina of LOVEMORE. It features art done by my friend Sam which features three of my characters. The older man is Tom and the boy he’s holding is his son Jake, and the one with the apple is his other son Kyle (my favorite character ever!)

I adore this theme! Cristina did a lovely job on it! Its just perfect! And this artwork had always been my favorite (I have it as a wallpaper on all my devices!), which is why I decided to have that picture used.

The Web Site

This web site is my blog and personal site. You can read my blog here and find out more about me.

Megan/Maroon Caludin

Name: Megan
Nicknames: Maroon and Maroon Caludin
Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 25th
Age: 31
Occupation: McDonalds employee
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, games, computer, role playing, web design, cartoons, comics, manga/anime, web comics, and animals Read More