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My Sailor Moon Music Box! BOW TO IT!

I mentioned in my last post about my new Sailor Moon music box I got last month. I know Sakura was curious so I shall post about it!

Go check it out after the break!

Plugs: Edel, Sakura, PaulineKya, and Kenny

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Posted on August 6th, 2017 in Anime, Music, Photos, Videos by Maroon Caludin. 12 Comments

July 2017

Another new month means its time to look back on last month! Well…what I remember anyway! 😅 I might have to start trying to write this during the month (but not posting till its time!) so I remember everything! Anyway, onward with this post!



9: 180.6

13: 180.6

29: 179.2

Plugs: Britney, Brandy, Violette, and Georgie

Posted on August 5th, 2017 in Misc by Maroon Caludin. 12 Comments

New Layout!

Why yes, sometimes I do know how to update! 😆 Seriously, I will try to be more active! Someday… 😅

Anyway I have a new layout that was made by the lovely Cristina! It features photo’s of my rose bush! One thing to know about me…I adore roses! 😍

Anyway, since I changed the layout updated the about section and also added some new link buttons (which were also made by Cristina!)

Oh, and I removed the affiliate section. I wanted to cut down on link exchanges, and make things a bit more simple and more personal. Some (just the blogs really) were moved to blog pals though!

Anyway, that’s all! Expect some more posts soon! …Hopefully! 😆

Plugs: Cristina Cocioabă, Michelle, Jessica, Kenny, Chynna, Brandy,
and Georgie

Posted on August 3rd, 2017 in Online, Updates by Maroon Caludin. 8 Comments
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