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Bird Fair!

This last Saturday was the bird fair! I know, probably wondering “Okay…what the heck is that?” Its exactly what it sounds like! A fair…for birds! People come to sell birds and bird stuff! We’ve been going every year for the last three or four years! I think this was the fourth year.

Anyway…sadly they don’t have as much as the first couple years. The first was the best cause I got my favorite bird, Clover, who’s a parrotlet! She’s my baby!

Anyway, this year I got two new birds!

On the left is a yellow/green with a little bit of blue parrotlet. He’s five years old and has been breaded with before. They said his name was Lemon Head I think. But I’ll likely change the name. Not sure yet. On the right is another parrotlet. She’s a green romped one that is eight months old. Not sure on her name yet either. They both love to hang upside down, and sleep that way!

I’m hoping to house them together (not to breed) after they get used to each other. If not well they’ll be kept separate. We’ll see!

Other then a toy my mom bought for one of her birds that’s all we got.

Also, a belated Happy Father’s Day!

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Bird stuff and other things!

So yesterday we buried Kyle. Poor guy his face looked all dark. My mom thinks he was having issues with breathing and/or ciruation. 😭

And poor Lovi (my love bird). She/he (honestly not sure which!) was very upset. After I took him out she was on the barrier looking for him and squawking. 😭 My mom thinks she didn’t realize he was dead. Well, he often sat in the corners so she probably thought he was sitting or sleeping. Poor thing. All night she was very upset. They were good friends. 😭 And I can’t really get her another (I refuse to get any more birds, I have too many as it is) and the others can’t really be moved. See, they all live in this giant cage set up that has four cages, all with barriers (which you can take out). My parrotlets Clover and Cloud are basically a couple so can’t move them, the parakeet She She (or as we call her parcanary being that she acts more like a canary and likes em) is friends with the canary next to her named Rusty (though my mom and sister call him Rhett). So can’t really move anyone there. May take the barrier out at some point so she has more room. Poor Lovi. 😭

In more…well less depressing news I think I’m going to use my TUL notebook for my bullet journal. Gonna probably go back to Office Max tomorrow to get more stuff (and probably another notebook!).

Also need to get off my lazy bum! Been rather lazy. Its hard cause I just get so tired. But I’ll probably have more energy if I move about more. Plus gotta get in shape. Gained lots of weight. Trying to eat somewhat better.

And in some girl news my monthly friend finally arrived! According to my BellaBeat leaf it should of been here around the sixteenth. Been waiting forever for it! I was so happy! 😆 Well, I do have issues with my thyroid and I did have a time last year where I didn’t get it for like three months. It was awful! Constant PMS! 😵 Never was I so glad to see it again! 😆

And on the topic of health things…got a horrid migraine. I think its more sinus ones. I feel it all over my head. Ugh… 😖

Well, that’s all for now!

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Good-Bye Kyle!

Well, its the weekend! And an extra long one for me! 😙 My work is having plumbing done Monday and Tuesday so work is closed those days! I lose hours, but I’m okay with it!

In some sadder news my canary Kyle passed away. 😭

Here’s a picture of him (among other canaries all that have passed away. He’s the yellow one in the middle. Though he’s more orange or was more orange when he passed. He had some Red Factor in him we think):

That brings myself down to five birds I think. And as a total in the house (counting the others that are my mom’s pretty much) er…not sure. Maybe around eighteen or seventeen. I forget how many cockatiels are left. We had quite a few since the two we started with had two sets of babies. But should be somewhere under twenty overall.

My love bird who I originally named Apple Jack, who we now call Lovi (she responded more to that name) was friends with Kyle. They had two joined cages with a barrier in the center and they often sat by each other and even fed each other. She apparently according to my mom or sister was at the barrier squawking at Kyle trying to get him to move. 😭 Poor thing! She’ll be so upset…and like my mom said pissed when we move Kyle to bury him later.

On the plus my mom doesn’t think he suffered. Well, first let me explain some things. He was quite old. Well, the date on that picture was 2014, so at least four years old. Canaries don’t live very long. Honestly he probably lasted the longest out of all mine (I had like six I think. Well with this last batch. I had some some years back as well). He was the third one I bought. So he was quite old. He was having problems with his poop where well…it’d stick to him and block him. My sister and me put olive oil in his water which helps (her bird has the same issue). He did get it off, but he was starting to look funny. My mom guessed he wasn’t seeing well if at all. His eyes looked odd and sometimes he seemed to have a hard time getting around and when he drank he stuck his head way in the water. Poor guy. Anyway, he died in the corner and my mom thinks he probably went to sleep and didn’t wake up. So, hopefully he didn’t suffer much. He was a pretty strong canary! I’ll miss him. 😭

On a little…less sad note I’m debating over some notebooks. I have yet to start a new bullet journal. Mainly because at Bullet Journal.com they’re out of stock. Same one I used last year. I wanted the one in emerald green. I was planning on getting that when it came in.

I was at Office Max the other day with my mom and I found these TUL notebooks. They’re bound with discs. They’re just so…neat! And you can add, remove, and move around pages. Sort of like a binder, but in notebook form. And it has all these neat add ons like dividers and such. I picked one up in this salmon color and some dividers.

Now here is my dilemma. Which to use for my bullet journal? By the way here’s a picture of em! On the left is last years bullet journal and on the right the TUL one.:

I really like the new one. If I didn’t have a journal/diary I was using I would use that for it! That’s my first instinct to use it for. But then I was thinking about using it as a bullet journal. It could be kept so organized! I really am not sure what to do. I asked my mom she said both were nice. Also that knowing me I wouldn’t be happy not using the official bullet journal. Can’t say she’s entirely wrong. 😆

One of my reasonings for wanting to use the official one is one of my stupid things. See, this year I decided it was a fresh start for me (like usual) and well…I have this thing where I have to start over stuff. Which is one reason I want to ‘start over’ and try the official bullet journal again. I know its probably stupid…just one of my stupid things. 😛

But…I may just wait for the bullet journal. I’m really still not sure. But I may just put this one aside for now. Though I do really love it and am excited to use it. May talk to my mom more about it…

Honestly tempted to buy another too for my next journal/diary too!

I know this is probably way long! Later!

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