Stop stealing my time!

I really love Lunar…but it sucks up my time. 😆 I meant to play for a little bit…next thing I know its like 11 PM. NOES! Curse Lunar and its magicalness…I so love that game. Its so hard to stop playing. I’m always “I’ll stop after this…no after this! I SWEAR AFTER THIS I WILL!” I have to like force myself or when I’m sick of playing. The random battles can get annoying. Almost done anyway…then Lunar Eternal Blue can steal my time. 😀

I should of cleaned this room hours ago…did I? No. Will I? Perhaps.

And no I didn’t play Lunar all day. Just a good portion of the night.

Earlier went shopping with my mom. Finally found a make up case I liked for a somewhat decent price. Now its somewhat organized instead of in a pile in a Twilight box. Got this cute black skirt and a white top. Well, my mom paid for the shirt since it was like $30. Its so hard to find shirts! I just wanted a plain white one…their either see through, too long, or just don’t fit well.

Damnit I’m still tired. After napping. I’m not as bad tired as I was before (way back was having issues with my anxiety medication that was apparently too strong), but still tired. Really do gotta take my vitamins and stuff.

Might lay. Kinda dangerous to if I wanna stay up for a bit. We’ll see.

Oh, Lunar how I love thee….

I really forgot how addicting Lunar could be.

I’ve been replaying Lunar the Silver Star for Sega CD. Amazing game, by the way. If you like RPGS, I highly recommend it. Its a classic. One of the best series of RPGS. Its in my top list. Though I’ll always prefer Lunar 2, but still.

This game is one of those that you sit down to play and you lose all track of time. I’ll mean to stop sooner, and it well…doesn’t happen. 😆 I wasted a lot of my weekend on this game. 😳 Well, least it was fun. So not a total waste I guess. Just sometimes feels like it when there’s a bunch of other stuff I have to do. I’ll try to be better about that.

Its so freaking hot tonight. Ugh…hopefully my brother puts my air conditioner in this week. Ceiling fan ain’t cutting it. :(

Anyway, I’m exhausted so sleep time with the doggy! Night!