Disney music!

Oh Disney, I forgot how awesome you can be… πŸ˜€

A while ago I was trying to gradually acquire various Disney soundtracks from the movies I enjoyed. I stopped after a short while. I was bored and poking through iTunes (bad thing to do when you’re trying to save money 😳 ) and decided to download Beauty and the Beast (Special Edition).

Oh the memories! This was one of my favorites (before The Lion King stole that spot). Being older while listening to it…it makes me want to write my own version. Just for fun. Or do a role play of it.

Also my character Kyle is a tad similar to Gaston in some ways. πŸ˜†

Plus the music is just awesome. Not just the vocals…the background music is awesome too.

Being dumb again later that night I decided to browse iTunes and purchased Walt Disney Records the Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid. Basically a special edition of the soundtrack. This had some great music too.

I feel a Disney faze coming…at least with music. Though I’m tempted to re-watch some movies. πŸ˜†

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Review: The Girl and the Machine

The Girl and the Machine

The Girl and the Machine

Earlier well considering the time, it was yesterday, but anyway I read “The Girl and the Machine” by Beth Revis.

This is basically a review/my thoughts about it. I don’t always write about these things anymore, but I simply can’t stop thinking about it.

Now, the spoiler filled stuff will be after the break.

For those that don’t want to read the spoiler filled junk, is the story good? Heck yeah! πŸ˜€ Its awesome! I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but I really ended up enjoying it. I still fills me with chills and concern for the two main characters. To me that’s the mark of a good writer and a good story.

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27 Facts about me

I saw this on Little Town, and decided to do it!

1. I love ferrets. Seriously. I’m obsessed with those fuzz butts. Ever since I got mine years ago. I still miss him. He was my baby. :)

2. I love old retro games. Give me an old school role playing game and I’m good.

3. My favorite game series is Lunar. Its an oldie so not everyone is famliar with it. If you’re curious check out Lunar-Net.com.

I really love it. I mean I hunted down a Sega CD just for the two games from it on there. And thus my Sega CD is my pride and joy.

4. Really into new age music at the moment. Especially anything with native american flutes.

5. I love almost anything that is animated. I love cartoons and anime. Favorite cartoon is probably Gravity Falls an as for anime right now Sailor Moon I guess.

6. I love manga as well. Favorite? Hard to say…but I guess for now Absolute Boyfriend. I don’t know.

7. I’m a big fan of My Little Pony. Seriously. Every corner of my room just about has a pony SOMEWHERE. I’m mostly a fan of the current generation, but I like the older ones as well.

8. I wear glasses.

9. I love stuffed animals. I got a shelf pretty much dedicated to them. Most on there are My Little Pony and Sailor Moon. Got a bunch on my bed as well.

10. I love animals. We have many at our house. A chihuahua, 20 birds (yes, I know. Most are my mom’s. Six are mine), a frog, and a betta fish.

11. I have a few favorite animals. Panda’s, ferrets (duh), and ducks.

12. I love rubber ducks.

13. I work at McDonalds, aka the place of evil! πŸ˜†

14. I’m a collector. I collect loads of stuff. Precious Moments, ferret stuff, panda stuff, duck stuff, My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, Zelda, and probably more. Big on collecting.

15. I own 3 native american flutes. Currently in the process of learning to play.

16. I love to role play. I would do it all day if I could.

17. Besides this site I own two others. Only one is currently up and that would be my forum. GO JOIN! πŸ˜†

18. I love to read. I have way too many books, and still a bunch to read.

19. I like new age stuff.

20. I’m also Catholic.

21. I love music boxes.

22. I love salt lamps.

23. I can be very lazy.

24. I like to write, but don’t do it much anymore. I want to get back to that.

25. I like to draw too, but haven’t done it much for a while.

26. I like to do crafts, but again don’t do them often.

27. I like to color in coloring books.

There! Some random facts!

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