Hello and welcome to "Entrial-Tales.com!" First, let me introduce myself! I'm Megan or I also go by Maroon or Maroon Caludin online. This site serves as my blog and personal site! I hope you enjoy it!

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Anyone that reads my blog, please be aware that sometimes I do rant about various things. Please don't take it in the wrong way or anything. This is just my place to talk about various things and sometimes vent.

Just the usual, plus manga

First a small update. Added the archives section where you can read old blog posts and updates!

Not really feeling much motivation right now. I just get so tired so easily lately.  I guess I just gotta fight it! 

Anyway, not a whole lot going on. Honestly just the usual boring stuff.

There was a lovely marathon of Gravity Falls which I watched a bit. Carpet Diem or whatever that episode is called was on, which is hardly ever on. I love that that. I love body switching stuff!  Always fun!

Other then that just did some laundry, showers and took a bath, played some Sailor Moon Drops, and poked around online.

Speaking of poking, I guess there's going to be a one shot of Cardcaptor Sakura. And supposedly a series about her in junior high? That's what I heard anyway. Sounds awesome!  I really gotta finish that series. I gotta order the rest of the ombious manga. I really wish our Barnes and Nobles carried it. Along with some other series I like.  Its a pain having to order it.

And on the subject of manga, been reading some I bought a while ago. Read Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign volume 1 and The Boy and the Beast volume 1. Still gotta read Idol Dreams volume 2...once I find where I put it. I'm still behind on other readings, but decided to read em anyway. They both were pretty good. I'll likely get more...eventually. I'd like to read the side novel for Seraph of the End and the novel for The Boy and the Beast. Wouldn't mind the anime either for Seraph of the End. And I totally want to see The Boy and the Beast movie. That's what got me looking at the manga. Come out sooner! 

Anyway, guess I'll go attempt to be productive.

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 01 2016
Blah...still sick

Blah...this stupid flu doesn't want to go away! Mostly its just my chest and throat. Throats been rather sore today...I ended up coming home early from work today.

Just messed around on my iPad and slept. Didn't really feel up to much honestly. Oh and took some yucky liquid medicine. Yucks! Hate that stuff! Hopefully I'll feel better soon.

In other news one of our cockatiels died. My mom found her when she was feeding them. She had blood on her feet. So she may of injured herself. Though my sister did say she had blood in another spot too. So either she injured herself or one of the others attacked her. Not sure. But its mate is very upset. He keeps squaking and making rather loud noises and looks around for her. Poor guy.

On a happier note my bird Clover apparently laid an egg tonight. I was checking on her and saw one next to her in her little dish I gave her (so she doesn't sit in the food dishes). She was trying to sit on it at one point.

Here's Clover with the egg. The egg sadly didn't show up well. It shows up as a round blue thing next to her. And you can see her mate Cloud standing guard. 


Anyway, that's it for now. Sleep time! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Apr 28 2016
And done!
So, as you can see I went ahead and switched my blog to a more basic one. Going back to plain old coding and stuff. And switched back to Cute News. Took me quite a while to get everything set, but for now I'm done. Though I ignored most of my cleaning and stuff I wanted to do, but I still have time. I'll do that shortly. Anyway, that's all for now!
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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Apr 24 2016
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