I mentioned this story I had an idea for…slowly working on it. Wrote a little before work yesterday and wrote a bit at work when I was on break. And was writing a bit now. Its slow work…but I’m gonna try to keep at it. Maybe it’ll help when I can’t role play too.

So far its going okay. I’m not really planning it out. I seem to work best with making it up as I go. Still working on the prologue.

I got a bunch of other stuff to do today too. Clean, shower, feed and maybe clean the birds cages, and laundry.

I could go for a nap…but I’ll resist. One I wanna try to do that less. Two I gotta work at 5 AM tomorrow. So, if I nap I won’t be able to sleep. Though there have been times where I’ve done that and still slept like a baby. Never on these early shifts though. Honestly, I haven’t been sleeping great at night lately. Its hard to fall asleep sometimes. :(

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Need to get outta there…

Work has been crap again lately. Not going into it, because I don’t want to. :P Its just getting bad. I’m looking elsewhere for work now and hope to get outta there soon.

But today I was off. :) My sinus’ are a bit yucky today, but better then what they were earlier. I can kinda breathe. Should of cleaned before dinner (my favorite, swiss steak!), but it didn’t happen. Later maybe.

Feeling a tad inspired

I was watching an episode of Touched by an Angel. Not something I typically watch or would choose to, but it came on after another show. Its an decent show, sometimes I like to watch it. Anyway today they showed one about a guy that wrote poetry. I think I saw bits and pieces of it before. Anyway, it made me want to work on my writing which I’ve been wanting to get back to. Actually made me want to get back to other things. Which I’ve been wanting to as well. Its just hard to make myself do it. I want to, its just hard to motivate myself sometimes. And I sometimes have issues about starting things and such, something I gotta get over. I might try to do something about this today. We’ll see. I know…I should just do this stuff and be done with it. Its hard. :P Work in progress! :lol:

I picked up a bunch of school supplies today. No, not going to school yet. I just like em. Plus this is the time to buy them.

Also, went and got my non-drivers license. It should come in a week or more.

And doggy is off the bed so maybe I’ll go make that.

Still here, and hooked!

Yep…still here. Just haven’t had the motivation to write here. As usual trying to get back to this and various things. Been having a hard time these days with my axiety… :( Working on it though.

Not really gonna go into much of what has been going on. Laziness. :P

But, I have discovered the magic that is Gravity Falls. :lol:

I’ve seen commercials about it on Disney’s various channels, and I kept hearing about it online. A lot of My Little Pony fans love the show. I never tried it. I barely bother to watch shows I do like. Plus, I figured it was stupid. Disney doesn’t exactly have a lot of great shows anymore.

I was eating, and turned on the TV, and it happened to be on so I gave it a shot. I intrigued me. It wasn’t what I expected. Certainly not from Disney. I wanted to see more so I checked out some on demand throughout the day. I’m hooked! Its really awesome! The art actually isn’t terrible like a lot of cartoons these days, the characters are amusing, and the show itself is funny. And the plot! There’s an actual plot! The whole mystery with the journals and the weird stuff going on. Its really interesting. I’d say that’s probably what hooked me the most. I just wanna know more!

So yes, I’m loving this show. I’ll eventually watch the rest on demand and try to catch the show on TV.

There’s another show I’m hooked on too. I actually bother to try to watch it. I think only the first episode I half watched (I watched but didn’t totally, if I recall) and the one week I missed it cause I fell asleep, but I caught up on that one. Anyway, its Extant. Its been advertised all summer. I usually watch it with my mom, and its really good. I’m totally hooked.

Well, I should go do the rest of my laundry and clean and stuff. Later.