So I guess I was supposed to work today at 9 AM instead of 11. Oops. I got to go back home though since it wasn’t busy. I was okay with that. I need a break. I’m in desprate need […]


So I was waiting for laundry (which I’ll have to check on in a bit) and I was bored so I finally got off my butt to watch the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. It was really good! It […]


This year is an awesome year for Sailor Moon. First we have the premiere of a totally new series, Sailor Moon Crystal in July. Which will also be streamed online subbed in a bunch of lanuages, so we don’t have […]


Feeling slightly creative. Maybe cause I’ve been reading some writing books. Or cause I’ve been reading old role plays. Or just my mode. Not major creative, just a bit…not going to do anything about it at the moment. I gotta […]


So, I have four canaries. And one is apparently laying eggs. Read on if you want to know more and see more pictures.


Well, got an interesting bit of something I heard from a manager at work… They apparently want to make this one girl a manager. Now, you got to understand, this girl does absolutely nothing! She just stands around in back […]