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Sick and My Birthday

Been a while since I last wrote here! Sorry about that. Been busy, and tired, and meh. Also managed to get sick on my birthday, which was Sunday.  Really have a horrible knack for that sort of thing.  I still enjoyed it, but not as much as I would of liked.

Still am sick. Some form of cold. Started with sinius issues and developed into one. Started in my throat and chest and moved to my poor nose which has been constantly drpping. Monday, I ended up calling in and went to the doctor. He gave me some medicine. I may feel slightly better. Hard to say. Still feel like I'm dying.  Got a massive headache and feel sick in the tummy. But its hard to rest. I get er...restless. So I'm either attempting rest or reading.

Sadly tomorrow I'll probably have to try to go back to work. Sadly its an nine hour shift. Dunno if I'll last the whole time, but I'll try...probably.

Ayway, onto nicer things. My birthday was Sunday!

During the week we went out to dinner at Red Robin. They had these waffle chicken sandwichs which I tried. So good! I can't wait to go back and get it again!  Treated myself to a cute chubby cat plush and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Link figure. We also did some shopping on Saturday. Got some soups they had on sale at Bon Ton, some pop corn, a squirrel sweat shirt (love squirrels!), and some rose sneakers.

As for my actual birthday, I lounged around a lot being that I was feel crappy. I was rather miserable. I had shish kabobs for dinner an an ice cream cake from Cold Stone which was awesome. My mom had gotten one of these candles that sparkles like a sparkler and played music.

As for gifts got a card from my parents and sister. Also got a set of Elves Lego's, Sailor Moon Sailor V figure, a signed fairy print, a statue of baby elephants, and a My Little Pony figure of Pinkie Pie dressed as a chicken from last years comic con.

Other then being sick it was a lovely birthday.

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Sep 27 2016
So tired!

I've at least been fairly productive today.  Most of my tasks in my Bullet Journal for today are done. Just gotta dry my clothes later. It does make me kinda happy to finish stuff.

But I'm so tired! Lately I just wanna sleep and do nothing! Hopefully it has nothing to do with slightly increasing my medication (its for depression basically). I had that happen once. I was sleeping constantly! I remember barely able to keep awake at work! It was so awful...took a while to figure out the cause. But...it doesn't seem quite as bad as that time. And I think I was feeling as tired before too. I always seem to be so tired.  I wish I had more energy!

Also been kinda spending a litttle too much time online. Mostly role playing on my forum and others. I have a bad habit of waiting for posts. Trying to ease up on that.

But on the plus been reading a lot!  Right now I'm reading "New Testament - Psalms Proverbs" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J.K. Rowling (re-reading the series!).

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Sep 11 2016
Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! 

Not a major holiday for my family celebration wise. My mom usually just makes a nice salad with our dinner and a dessert. This year we had hot dogs with pasta salad! Love my mom's pasta salad! And chocolate cake! Though it kinda fell appart, but it was still good! 

Work though was annoying. Worked with all the younger ones and they can be annoying. And been worrying a lot today and bothering my poor mother with those worries! I'm trying to ignore them and such though. 

On a plus I was poking on iTunes and found they had "Luna's Future" song on there from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. SQUEE!  That song is so epic! Kinda made my day!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Sep 05 2016
Yep, I'm still here!

And I'm back!  Sorry for going AWOL for a while!  Some of its been business and laziness, and partly I needed to restart the blog here. But I'm back and will try to update now! And catch up on other blogs when I can. So yeah, I wasn't ignoring you all, just was waiting and stuff.

As you can see I went and put up a new layout! You can find a tiny bit more about it in the about section and thus I updated the past layouts as well!

Anyway, that's all for now! Later! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Sep 01 2016
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