An late Happy Valentines Day!

Posted on February 19th, 2017 in Cartoons, Holidays, Offline, TV by Maroon Caludin. 8 Comments

A belated Happy Valentines Day! 😘 Feels like forever since I wrote last when really its just been a week.

Anyway! My Valentines Day was oridanary! I did get some Valentines though!

An card from my sister and a truffle heart from my mom. I did have two truffle hearts, but the other magical vanished. I suspect my brother took it! 😝

Also from my mom, roses! 😍

Not too much else going on. Much lazing about between work and such. I spent today getting caught up on chores and stuff.

Oh yes! And this weekend there was a Gravity Falls marathon! It was the anniversary of the end of the show on the 15th! But they skipped some episodes here and there. Boo! I didn’t watch a ton of it anyway. I did however, finally buy the rest of the series off iTunes. I’ll probably watch that sometime then!

I should probably start heading to bed. Night!

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Why yes, I am OCD!

Posted on February 12th, 2017 in Health, Offline by Maroon Caludin. 16 Comments

I don’t often share super personal things here. Well, sometimes. 😛

I honestly wasn’t planning on having this as an entry anytime soon if ever. But I just experienced what I call my “freak out” modes. 😓

First, a little back story on my OCD issues!

I’ve always had issues with this. As a kid I always had issues with germs and such (okay, I’m a few things!). I used to wash my hands ALL THE TIME! Not only that I’d use other objects to turn off the facet in fear of the germs. Used to drive my mom crazy. How did I get over it? I believe my mom made me just do it without stuff.

I still freak about germs, but probably not quite as much as I used to. I do have my bad spurts. Like if I worry if I’m getting sick or something. If nothing else work has made me less…sensitive of some germs.

Am I cured? Heck no! I freak out all the time! But I like to think I’m better then I was.

Now onto today’s little issue!

So, I was cleaning and re-filling my infusers for my humidifier. I usually put oil in it too. Sweet Orange! 😙 But yeah, I was cleaning those. Last time I did I had a freak out too. I worry about getting the stuff on me (even though whatever would would be diluted), and had another one of those again. 😩 I changed clothes like twice and stuff. Why? I felt wetness on my sock. Gosh, this sounds so stupid! But in the land of Megan’s brain it seemed I needed to. Really if it was wet should of just changed my socks. But no, I was “Oh its on my pants maybe too!” so changed that and went along with everything else. Then, when I was cleaning had a similar one, and changed again. Even now I would love to change (yay lack of clothes!).

I think the key is doing what my mom made me do before. Ignore it and do stuff anyway! Its so hard though! 😖 But maybe it’ll help…

Meh, as usual I’ll talk to my mom. 😛

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January 2017

Posted on February 7th, 2017 in Misc by Maroon Caludin. 8 Comments

Okay a bit late with posting this. I honestly kept forgetting! 😝


Well, I think that’s most of the major stuff. January was an okay month. I was productive on and off. But not too much to write about there. Plus some of it I either forget or don’t feel like writing about. 😝

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