Sneaky bird!

Well, somehow the one canary managed to get past the divider and decided to go sit with the parakeet. 😆 They both seemed okay with it. My mom thinks they liked it. My mom fixed the divider and I put the canary back on his side. Hopefully he stays there. 😆

As for the other birds they seem to be adjusting. I wasn’t sure about the one parrotlet. She didn’t seem to like the change. But I put her for a visit with the male one and she relaxed after that. She seems more adjusted. 😀 Yay!


Ugh…so exhausted. Which is sad since I didn’t even work today…not that I didn’t do work.

My mom finished putting together this new cage. It has three cages on it, with dividers so its like six cages in one. Moved all my birds in there. Except for the one set of canaries. The one has mites so we gotta get them better first before they go in. But the other four are in there. Hopefully they get used to it. Certainly better then having all these cages around. 😆

Did some shopping today. Mostly errand type stuff.

So. Freaking. EXHAUSTED. I want to sleep! But I don’t want to at the same time. 😕 Meh…


I know, I know…as usual I’ve been ignoring this site. Sorry! 😳

Honestly not much to write about. Just in a really happy mood; :) My forum is getting some life! Plus I’ve been able to role play which always puts me in a good mood. Also finally re-did the theme for the forum, and got some stuff to work there that I was having issues with which also adds to the happiness! 😀 So, yeah in a really good mood.

But also tired. *yawn* Its kinda lateish. Not much to do right now anyway. I earned my sleep now. So I’ll be heading to bed shortly.

Final Fantasy VII remake in the works?!

So, yeah. Check it out here.

On one side I’m super excited. Square Enix was kinda dumb not to try to do anything with remaking this game. I mean its a gold mine for them! I mean I get that it would take forever, since there was a lot to this game. It would be daunting. Especially since its like a Final Fantasy cult favorite. You know like probably there with VI for a lot of fans. Like me. 😆

On the other hand…with some of the changes they hinted at…scares me. The game…it was fine as is. In most aspects. Please don’t ruin it! I know back in the day when I was super obsessed with this game when I first played it in grade school there was a certain character I always wished could of been brought back. We all did. I even remember all the freaking rumors. Back then I had a big fan site dedicated to said character. Now? I honestly get why they had to die. It would of been meaningless if they were simply brought back like in a lot of other games. I mean look at IV. So many characters brought back. And  a bigger example, Chrono Trigger. But yes, I get it now. Though it was always my thoughts that they revived at the end. Even if the movie ruined those ideas. Meh. In a way, I’d be glad if they left that unchanged, but in another way I’d be excited if it was possible.

I’m half and half on the whole thing. I’m excited and wanting to run around squealing with glee, and on the other I dread what they might change. I don’t exactly respect Square Enix as much as I used to these days. All I can say, is we gotta wait and see. But, Square Enix? PLEASE DON’T RUIN ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES! 😀

…This will probably be on Playstation 4, won’t it? I’d buy it just for this. 😆

Edit: I was correct about system. Also a video! Check it out after the break!

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Elyasia Forum

I promised a friend I’d try to advertise her new forum!

This forum is part of Elyasia, one of my affiliates, and a new friend of mine! She’s been super helpful. 😀 Anyway, its a branch out kinda of her fan fiction site. You can chat, help with stuff, role play (YES! :lol ), do creative stuff. Go give it some love!

Find it here!