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Anyone that reads my blog, please be aware that sometimes I do rant about various things. Please don't take it in the wrong way or anything. This is just my place to talk about various things and sometimes vent.

Ask me!

I thought it might be fun to do a fun little thing where you guys can just ask me stuff!

So, just ask me anything (well almost anything!  ) in the comments and in the next post I will post answers!

So ask away! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 26 2016
Dentist and Sailor Moon Crystal

Had a trip to the dentist today. Got some cavities filled. Still have a bunch to fill. Yay for not going for a looooong time.  Well, I didn't have insurence then so yeah. But its covered now!

Anyway, it wasn't too bad. The worst is the shot. Though I'm starting to feel some pain now. The shot is finally wearing off. Half my face was numb!

And to the main part of my post...just watched the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (and yes I finally caught up!). I won't say a ton so as not to spoil it, but let's just say I was impressed and I can't wait for the next episode! 

Now, after the break I shall talk about some stuff about it. So it will be full of spoilers! So if you haven't seen the latest episode, avoid!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 24 2016
My Gratitude Journal

It was suggested by Ashley that I should post about my gratitude journal. Seemed to be some interest in that, so I decided to!

I first wanted to keep one after reading one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I believe it was "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Happiness" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark. It was an amazing read and I found it so helpful!  Anyway, in one entry someone mentioned something about a gratiude journal. Actually may of been mentioned in other books of the series too. Anyway, point is that's what got me deciding to start one!

So, one time when I was at Barnes and Nobles I decided to look for some kind of journal to do it in. The pickings were few at the time (though I think when I looked another time they had more!  ). I picked out "Gratitude: A Journal" by Catherine Price. Here's a picture of mine!


I do like it. It has prompts and quotes spread throughout it. Like here:


And yes, those are entries I wrote obviously. I just picked a random page.

Its a lovely jouranl, though I did fine one or two later that I seemed to like too. Maybe more. They felt more...free. Like I guess cause they were promptless? Or I felt like I could write whatever. I haven't used them yet though. I'll wait till I'm done with this one. Which will be a while. It tends to take me a while to finish journals.

Anyway, that's my gratitude journal!

I may start a weekly post thing like I do in my gratitude journal here too! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 21 2016
A Day in the Life: May 2016

A neat link up hosted by Georgie! You just write about a day in your life!

What are you thinking about?

Role playing!  I so love role playing! Its an obesssion!

What else are you thinking about?

How I have many other things I gotta try to get to tonight. Like cleaning, reading, feeding pets, etc.

List three things running through your mind, if any.

  1. I really need to get caught up on my daily bible readings from "Extreme Teen Bible." So behind! 
  2. I was going to do laundry today, but I'll put it off...again. 
  3. Ferrets are awesome! 

What is the time?

7:33 PM

How did you start your day?

Visiting potty land. 

How will you end it?

Probably will write in my journals. I have a normal one and then a gratitude one. Usually will write out my to do list too.

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 17 2016
Feeling better!

Well, I'm feeling much better today.  Not sure if going to work helped, or just in better spirits today. Its hard to say. But feeling much better! 

Very tired though.  I did not sleep well last night. Well, I got to bed way late, and even once I was in bed I had a hard time falling asleep.

I'll likely go get ready for bed soon. I wish to sleep! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 16 2016
Feeling blah

My mood has kinda gone blah...I hate that. I'll be all happy for a bit and then BOOM all gloomy or something.  *sigh* As always I'll try to work through it...

Honestly not much to write about, but I wanted to update. Haven't like posted for a tiny bit.

Been a typical dull Sunday really. I really don't care for Sunday's. I never seem to get much done for one. Though today I did get more sort of. But partly cause I did some stuff last night. But also they seem to bum me out. Maybe cause the weekend's over? I dunno...

Weekends are sort of hard sometimes. Espeically when I work Saturday like I have been. I need the two days off in a row. Also, I'm probably a bit okay more then a bit, but hard on myself to do stuff. Maybe its the extra time? And maybe I figure "Oh I have time to go do this instead of this..." I also tend to make myself think I have to do various rounds on other sites. Some I like to while others I think I have to. Either to be nice or to get my two sites out there or whatever. And I know if I don't want to I shouldn't. And I shouldn't be so hard on myself with all this stuff. Sometimes I try to take on too much and then get mad when I can't do it. Its one of my many issues I'm working on.

Also, I guess there was a full moon. And I'm PMSing which certainly doesn't help. 

Gah, I almost feel like crying.  I mean I'm not upset exactly, just feel like that.

I guess, I just gotta make myself feel good even when I don't feel like it. I'll try anyway.  I'm okay, just random feelings and all that lovely junk. Honestly wasn't intending on writing all this stuff. Figured it'd be a boring short post.  Oh well.

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 15 2016

Last week was a rather bad week, but this week is going pretty well! 

Work hasn't been too bad. I've been doing pretty well there this week. And honestly in general. Sure, I freak out once in a while with worries and go running to my mom about them, but I've been trying not to.

Now, if I can keep this up. And maybe get rid of some bad habits, and get on some good ones!  But I SHALL NOT STRESS ABOUT IT! Or try not to. 

But yeah, I've been feeling rather happy! Yay happiness! 

Been somewhat productive too. Sort of. Comes and goes.

Anyway, let's keep this up! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 11 2016
Timeless Thoughts: Bath and Body Works Pulse Point Line
A neat link up by Tara and Georgie! Its where you post about things you miss!
I honestly wasn't sure what to write about...I wanted to do it, but wasn't sure what to pick! Everything I thought of felt like too much of a downer.  Finally, I remembered a product I used to like by Bath and Body Works! 

Now, one of my favorite lines at Bath and Body works is their aromatherapy. Espeically stress relief! Seriously, anything stress relief GIVE ME! I HAS STRESS!  I also like their orange ginger energy one. I love almost anything orange. Plus I could always use energy!

Now, some years back. Okay, quite a few. I think it was back when I was in high school. If I recall they got rid of it sometime around then, or right after. Close anywhere. But, anyway! Some years back they had this neat little lotion thingy in the aromatherapy stuff. It was this pulse point stuff that you put on various pulse points (for example your wrists, behind your ears, etc.).

These things were pretty awesome! I mainly used the stress relief one. Seriously, my family always buys anything with stress relief stuff.  Anyway, we had various tubes of this stuff around. It was awesome! Like sometimes it even made headaches go away! Which I believe was one reason I used it. And maybe it cleared my noise with its minty smell. All I know is I loved that stuff!

I seriously miss it! BRING IT BACK! I could totally use it these days on my stress! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 10 2016
My Favorite Things: April 2016

Edit: A small update! Added a tag board from Cbox, updated the credits, and the about me page!




My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup

A neat link up hosted by Raisa and Eirene where you write about what you loved last month!

A bit simiar to my monthy post, but figured I'd do it anyway!

Sadly April wasn't entirely a month of well goodness what with us all having the flu.  But there were some good things I liked!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III

Sailor Moon Crystal is back! And it seems better then ever! I'm a bit behind with the episodes to be honest, but the two I saw were quite good! I was super pleased! Esepically with lots of Chibi Moon! And she had a transformation!  Other then Sailor Moon she's one of my favorites!

I was bit meh with the new opening, seemed a bit slow, but it grows on you. Though I think I'll always love "Moon Pride" more. I adore the ending though! I love when they do duets in anime! Sadly it rarely happens. The few I can recall is from the original Sailor Moon series, one from Ranma 1/2, and one vocal Dragon Ball Z song. Anyway, songs are good! And the background music is good still as well! I believe there may be a few new tracks. Not sure. If they are I hope they release a soundtrack. Speaking of which more character songs! I want a Chibiusa one!

But yeah, loving Crystal as always! 

New Drawing Tablet

I got a new drawing tablet as well! A Wacom one. Nearly always used theirs. I have a perfectly good one, but I wanted one for my Mac.

Now, honestly I haven't used it much, but I like it so far. Here are some drawings I did:



Just some random characters.

Anyway, that's it!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 08 2016

Today mostly was a pretty decent day. I was doing fairly well with my worries and stuff. It went downhill at lunch at work. I was in grill in charge of putting the food down and stuff. It eventually became too much today. I couldn't catch up. I was getting very upset and frustrated. The one manager was kind of nasty to me. But, she seems to have issues with me these days. I honestly don't care to get into it much, but it was a very upsetting day after that. So glad its over. Had a chat with my mom and feel much better.

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on May 06 2016

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