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Vacation again!

I am officially on vacation...again!  *does ferret dance of joy*

So what am I doing? Well we're going to the fair in our area, probably Monday. As for the rest of the week, no idea. I know we'll be having beef kabobs one day (my mom makes awesome ones!  ), and may go out for dinner or something.

Regardless it'll be great to be off work. I could use this...again.

Today I've been a big old worry wart and what not. Been driving my mom crazy.  But I'm gonna try harder to not like...stress. No promises though!

Ugh, so freaking tired. I really wanna sleep. But...in case anyone is on to role play kinda don't wanna. 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 13 Aug 2016
Daily Routine Tag

Why yes, I live!  Anyway, got sorta tagged by Pim for this so yeah!

Daily Routine Tag

1. How much time do you need to get ready in the bathroom?

Probably around  a half hour. Maybe a little bit less.

2. How's your breakfast going?

I honestly don't always eat breakfast. When I do its usually something odd like ice cream.  If I work and actually get a break (depends on my shift) I'll usually eat a sasuage biscuit and a coke. But it varies.

3. What are the times you wake up in weekends/when you're not working/going to school/college?

Again it varies. It'll range from 6 am - 10 am. But most often before 10. With me working early usually my body is used to waking up early. Kinda stinks. But sometimes I also don't turn off the alarm so that doesn't help. 

4. How do you spend your free time?

Most often I'm online. I'll poke around forums or blogs or work on my own sites. Other then that I spend a lot of time reading and sometimes watching tv.

5. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Dinner usually. I don't always eat breakfast and lunch.

As for who I tag like Pim, whoever wants to can do it!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 11 Aug 2016
August 2016

And its August! So time for a monthy post!


Major Highlights

  • Had a week off work for my vacation! Went to Lily Dale and did other small things.  Was really great to be off.
  • A new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic album came out!  Its pretty awesome!
  • Summer of Steven Universe episodes started! Its been so awesome!  I'll miss it when its over...
  • Wayward Pines season 2 ended! Boo! Hoping for another season!
  • New Gravity Falls books came out! Journal 3 and a choose your own adventure book! AND I KNOW DIPPER'S REAL NAME FINALLY! 
  • Been doing loads of reading!
  • Been meditating again and it feels good!
  • Been loving using my bullet journal. Totally helps!
  • Been getting through various stuff I've been trying to get done. Mostly chores and such.

Read Books

July 3rd: "The Heir" by Kiera Cass
July 8th: "Lunar Silver Star Story Volume 1: The Call of the WInd" by Kei Shigema
July 11th: “Happily Ever After” by Kiera Cass
July 16th: “What’s Left of Me” by Kat Zhang
July 17th: “Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun” by Dipper and Mabel Pines
July 18th: “West From Home” by Laura Ingalls Wilder
?: “The Siren” by Kiera Cass
?: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo
July 24th: “My Very First Golden Bible” and “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo
July 30th: “Anyone can Draw” by Barrington Barber and “Gravity Falls: Journal 3” by Alex Hirsch and Rob Renzetti July 31st: “Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates” by Jeffrey Rowe

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 02 Aug 2016
The rest of my vacation!

I suppose I should actually share about the rest of my vacation.

Well, apparently on Wedesday when we went to Lily Dale my glasses came in (I had gotten new ones), but obviously we couldn't get them that day. And Thurday my mom goes to visit my grandma, so me and my mom went Friday.

And here is me with them! They're a bit bigger then my old ones, but I like em. Feel more sturdy and nice. They're Ellen Tracy's. Not that I really shop by brands with glasses. Whatever looks decent. They were like $500, but that was mostly with add ons with the lenses. Making them thinner, sun glasses coating, and anti-glare coating. But I like them. 

Later that day we also went to Target. I got a pen and a My Little Pony water bottle. I think that was it. I forget.  And after we went to Cold Stone. I actually tried something different!  I got some Mud Mojo thing. I'm not one for coffee too much, but decided to try this (has coffee ice cream, almonds, peanut butter, oreos, and fudge). Was so good! 

Saturday sadly the electiricty was out for a few hours. Thus, with no AC super hot!  We went to Barnes and Nobles since everywhere by us was closed. I picked up "The Crown" by Kiera Cass. Also my mom bought me a Sailor Moon Sailor V figure for my birthday! Woot! 

Sunday was just a meh day, with me doing a bunch of chores and what not.

And that was my vacation! Already waiting for my one in August! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 29 Jul 2016
Lily Dale!

Yeah, been kinda bad bout doing anything online this week. Been lazy and or tired. So, I shall go through what else I did here.

We shall start with the trip ti Lily Dale!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 24 Jul 2016
Vacation! Also Happy Birthday Piper!

Been a bit since I updated!  Been either busy or lazy! 

Anyway, right now currently on vacation from work! Woot!  Though its more of stay-cation though we are doing little things.

So far just been lazing about and doing some little shopping here and there. And lots of reading.  Right now reading "The Siren" by Kiera Cass. Rather good so far!

Also today is my sister's dog Piper's birthday!

Say happy birthday to Piper! 

Got her what we call bally balls. Therese rubber balls that Petco carries with faces on them. They love them. My dog espeically goes nuts over them. In fact she's waiting for gifts.  I got her some too.

Tomorrow we're going to Lily Dale!  Which if you don't know its sort of a new age type community. They have mediums (or psychics) that can give people readings, services where you can randomly get a reading, some form of church service at the Healing Temple (where you can be healed! Its super awesome!  ), and shops! We go every year usually. Not getting a reading though. But haven't for the last few years. I like the shops and the Healing Temple best.  I shall perhaps attempt some pictures!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 19 Jul 2016
Productiveness and a happy birthday!

Oh man...so exausted! Was just bringing a bunch of my junk I had downstairs that my mom has been wanting me to bring up. Was very exausting! Plus before that fed the animals, put in some laundry. Also slipped down a couple steps when I went down to the basement to put the laundry in.  So far seem okay. That's how I hurt my back some years back. Except it was going to the bathroom upstairs, and misjudged. I was half asslep and it was dark. Did that twice.  Back has never quite been the same. Of course years of sleeping on the couch when I was younger probably doesn't help.

Anyway, just gotta put laundry in the dryer and then I'm done with my chores for the day.  I do have to say I think my bullet journal is helping. I'm enjoying it anyway.

Also today is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday! Even though he likely wouldn't see this. I got him some Batman figure set.

And one more day of work then I'm on vacation for a week!  Not going away, mostly just doing stuff nearby. But I can't wait! 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 14 Jul 2016

Was just rearranging some things in my room. Needed to find a place for my new My Little Pony castle! I managed to make it work. Had to rearrange a few things.

First here is my little cube shelfs! Its hard to tell (and not posting a before picture though probably have one), but moved my one angel figure off my desk to the one on the bottom right (above the drawer), moved my angel dreams music box on the shelf above.

Bow to my plushies!  And yes, my calendar is still on June. Laziness!  Anyway, I moved the My Little Pony carosel next to the plushies. Used to be on my desk. Also put away the orb lamp I used to have there.

I know the tv tray is so attractive right?  Really need to do something about that some century. Anyway, the vase of feather roses took the place of the angel figurine. Moved around random stuff like pencil sharpaners, my Chrono Cross clock and my fairy coasters, and some Sailor Moon figures that cling to stuff. Next to the lamp where the carosel used to be is the castle! Managed to fit alright! In front of it is my major and favorite Sailor Moon figures. I like how it almost looks like Crystal Tokyo!  Not a bad idea to populate the castle with Sailor Moon figures instead of ponies...though it'll be ponies for now with Sailor Moon characters in front.

And the rest of my desk. Arranged more figures. Also bow to my Lunar keychain figures!  I'm proud to own those! Actually keep a lot of my favorite stuff on this desk. Like that awesome flower fairies carosel.

Anyway, other stuff I moved about, but those are some of the major stuff. I gotta go! Later!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 13 Jul 2016
Some fun shopping!


Work was ugh today.  I was feeling...way axious and stuff and work wasn't helping. Was so glad to be done!

Anyway, onto the good! Though I think it might do me good to rant here sometimes. We'll see in the future. Anyway! After work I went to Toys'R'Us with my mom. Needed a gift for my brother. His birhtday is Thursday. Think I found one.

And in usual Megan fashion found stuff for me too!  I actually went and took pictures!

First the major purschae! The newest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic castle, the Crystal Empire castle!  Beautiful isn't it? It may be hard to tell, but it lights up on the bottom. Puts patterns of shapes. And comes with my favorite princess, Princess Cadance and Princess Flurry Heart! She's super cute! Of course now I need to find a spot for it... 


And now here's more pony stuff! First is a notebook and a back pack. Next, a lunch box and a pencil case, and then more pictures of the backpack!

One thing I found cool was the sides. On the one side is Fluttershy and Twilight flying, and the other the sun. Thought that was cool. Plus it had Cadance! 

I'm about broke for this week. 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 12 Jul 2016
June 2016

Blah should of wrote this a few entries ago. Oh well!  Anyway, this is some highlights of June!

Major Highlights

  • Still was having issues with my throat and ear. Throat is better though ear is a bit clogged yet. Might help if I took the medicine more. 
  • Read way more!
  • Been trying to get over various issues and such. Was doing a bit better.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal season III ended and was awesome!  Hoping for a 4th!
  • Season 2 of Zoo started! And is awesome!
  • Started playing games more!

 Read Books

June 11th: "Zoo 2" by James Patterson
June ?: "Rebel Belle" by Rachel Hawlkins and "The Hidden Oracle" by Rick Riordan
June 17th: "A Frozen Heart" by Elizabeth Rudnick
June 25th: "Ghost Boy" by Martin Pistorius

That's all the major things I recall, or write down (like my reading list).

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on 11 Jul 2016

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