January 2016

So January was….well a meh month I guess. Not too bad. I got a little more productive in a way if I remember correctly. But still working on that.

To be honest I don’t entirely remember a lot of what went on. But I wanted to start doing these so…yeah.

Mostly just been trying to get to better place emotionally and stuff. And better habits and stuff like that.

And slowly working on re-doing my room.

Also, here is my reading list from January:

January 3rd: “New Testament – Psalms Proverbs”
January 4th: “Footprints: Along the Pathway of Life” by Sarah M. Hupp and Idol Dream volume 1
January 9th: “The Selection” by Kiera Cass
January 12th: “The Elite” by Kiera Cass
January 14th: “The One” by Kiera Cass and “After the One” by Kiera Cass
January 16th: “The Selection Stories” by Kiera Cass, “Beautiful Creatures: Love Letters” by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
January ?: “Pom Pom Puppies” by April Chorba

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Ugh, its been a rather exhausting day. One of those days where you just want to lay and do nada. And sleep. Yay sleep. 😆 Seriously. I can’t wait to get into bed. 😆

Which I was on my way to, but figured I’d write something real quick, even though I don’t have much to say. Other then how tired I am.

On the plus I’m feeling pretty awesome (especially considering I was feeling cruddy earier today). Plus I did at least get what I set out to do done. :)

And now I hear my bed calling!

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things!

Ditz Revolution
  1. Music: I love when it just…well makes me smile and makes me feel happy. In fact right now listening to My Little Pony music, which makes me want to bounce around! 😀
  2. Bath/Showers: I love them! They always make me feel refreshed and relaxed. Feels like a fresh start to me. Just makes me feel good all over!
  3. Simply Fit board arrived!: Finally got it! I only tried it a bit the other day, but its pretty easy and I could feel it doing stuff even for the short while I used it. :)
  4. My roses are still alive!: I got a miniature rose plant a few weeks ago. Its pretty cool. Its red with pink swirls. They’re still doing pretty good! More buds are starting to open!
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic news!: They hinted that season 6 will start in the spring! Yay! Not a very long hiatus this year really. :) And they revealed Princess Cadence and Shining Armor’s baby! So cute! And a new playlet featuring her! I so will be getting that! 😀
  6. Got a nice working water fountain!: For Christmas I got this awesome water fountain I wanted. The first I had wasn’t flowing correctly, then the second leaked. So we ordered two more, and out of the two found one I liked. 😀
  7. Room coming along…slowly: I haven’t started anything major yet, but I will be soon. But been adding rose themed things and other stuff slowly. Rather liking it.
  8. Paid my mom!: I had owed my mom a bit of money. Just from shopping and such (sometimes we’ll put it on one bill and stuff like that or online orders). Only thing I got left is for my Simply Fit board.
  9. Dog has been frisky!: I love when she’s playful and stuff. She’s been full of energy! 😀
  10. Sleep!: Last night I was so tired and cold so I went to bed early. Like round 7:00 PM. 😆 I woke maybe  once or twice which isn’t unusual. But I slept pretty great! Felt pretty well resting! 😀

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Room stuff and pom pom puppies!

So, yeah, I decided to remove the pink pillow from my bed. Thanks for the help! 😀

And speaking of my room, did some stuff to my curtains.




It may be hard to see with the lighting and stuff. But pinned these fake roses on the curtains and put these plastic rose necklace things around them. Though I’ll likely get different color curtains and stuff at some point.


I also made some dogs out of pom poms from this pom pom puppy kit I got!




Here’s my first one! A chihuahua pictured with my glorious mess! 😆




And my second and probably favorite of the two, a Pomeranian! Look how fluffy he is! 😆

Its pretty fun actually. Though time consuming. I might have to get more stuff to make more. Though I can still make one or two more.

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Opinion needed!

Okay, so I’m slowly redoing my room. Its something that me and my mom have been meaning to (mainly to at least paint it) since it looks pretty awful. Its just white and in between paint jobs. Not sure if my sister had been planning to or not (got it after my sister after she moved out. My old room was WAY smaller. Yay bigger room!).

Anyway, after seeing how nice Kya did hers. I loved how hers had some sort of theme and wanted one too. I decided upon roses. I have a thing for them. Actually interesting thing! I got a reading done at Lily Dale a few years back and it came with some drawing thing they did and there was some kind of flower that reminded my mom of roses. So kinda interesting. :)

So, my theme is roses! The rose bed set was one of the first things for it. Well, other then matching sheets (not quite but pretty close) and random rose stuff I just happened to buy. I’m getting these super cute rose pillows here. Getting three. One in ivory, fuchsia, and orange. Just for on the corners of my bed and on a pink chair I have that I’ll be switching my blue one out with. In fact I need to replace my computer chair (its falling apart on the seat) and I’ll maybe get a pink one or something.

Anyway! Onto bed stuff! I’m removing some of my plushies. Leaving mostly major ones. I’m not sure about my giant pink pillow. Not sure if its like too much. I took pictures both ways!:




Here it is with it!




And without!


So which do you guys think looks better?

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Yay roses!

So I ordered some new bedding for my bed.

Here’s an old one from before:




Mind you this isn’t how it quite looked before I changed it. The pillow shams actually matched the bed and some different stuff on there. But that’s my old bedding.

Here’s the new!:




I’m not sure about the pink pillow and I might remove some animals. But otherwise very happy with it! 😀


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Hello! *waves* 😆

This’ll just be a random entry pretty much. *nods*

I’m sort of in a weird mode today. Where I sort of want to be silly and happy. And then either want to curl up and cry. Yay anxiety! 😀 But no, I’m really pretty much fine! Just get those moments.

Though my anxiety hasn’t been great lately. I had a massive talk about it with my mom a few times last week. Might talk to my one doctor about it. Making her do it. 😆 I’m not comfortable talking to him really. They always like to go “oh you need to go hang out with people more!” That is not always it. For one I’m shy. I have a horrible time making friends. And I’ll be honest I don’t really have any offline ones anymore. Unless you count my mom and animals. 😆 I always did have a hard time making friends. Like I said I’m shy. And honestly no where to meet em right now. So no I don’t care to hear about that thank you. Sure, its something that could help, but no thanks. So yeah. But I’ve been feeling okay for a couple days at least. I’ve been making myself be happy. It actually seems to work for the most part. I’ve been pretty happy and such. 😀

But enough about that. I took some random pictures! I figured I could use some recent ones for here.




Me looking normal like. And yes that smirk is my smile. 😆 I never was one for teethy smiles. So sometimes it doesn’t look like I’m smiling.




And me looking like a crazy person! Well…it seemed like it when I took it. 😆 It was me attempting to be funny and do one of those teethy smiles. Its weird, but its my favorite.

Also took some other pictures of some stuff I bought I felt like showing off!

The Selection series books


Randomly picked up the first book of The Selection series by Kiera Cass. I’m totally hooked! 😀 I was gonna pick up a couple books, but they only had the second in hardcover. I was just gonna get it anyway and the novella one, but I found the boxset, and figured meh, I’ll get this. Gave my old copy of the first book to my sister. I need to get the rest though.




This is a Betsy Johnson person I spotted at Macy’s. Now, normally I do not pay a lot for purses. Probably at most $30 (and probably not very often). I don’t really go for designer purses. Its my first one (kinda proud!)! I fell in love with it. It was like $59. My mom since I had a good day at work and stuff said she’d put in $20 toward it for me. So, I got it. I love it. Its so cute! Plus roses! I love roses! 😀 Its my baby.

Anyway, that’s it for this random entry! Later! 😀

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Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year’s! 😀

Honestly not entirely in a good mood. Work junk is irritating me. Just the usual. When collage kids are off they screw with my hours. They keep changing my usual ones. And tonight they called (while I was sleeping and left a message) asking if instead of 5:00 am – 1:00 pm if I’d work till 9:00 am. Jerks. How bout we cut the younger ones? Or someone else? Meh…

Its getting me annoyed…but I gotta just let it go. I don’t want them to rule my moods and such. Just gotta relax I guess. I’d take a bath and shower, but just took one last night. I’ll relax somehow.

Anyway! Its a brand new year! I love fresh starts. 😀 Now I normally make resolutions that I never keep like everyone else. 😆 Been seeing people just listing their goals on blogs instead. To me its sort of the same thing, but its maybe a bit more positive? So here are some goals I hope to work on!:

  • Be more happy and positive!: Been a rough year for me. Mostly emotionally and such. I’m kind of going through some form of depression. Just not entirely happy. I want to work on that and be happier!
  • Be more healthy!: Like most people I could do with losing some weight. And just being more healthy in general. I recently purchased a Simply Fit board so hopefully that’ll help! Just gotta wait for it to come.
  • Get into better habits and get rid of bad ones!: I’ve been trying for a while to get into some nice habits. Like routines and such. And I need to get rid of some bad ones!
  • Read more!: I didn’t read this last year as much as I usually do. So I’d like to read more!
  • Write and draw more!: Not sure about the drawing end, but I’d like to write more! Its like role playing, and I used to enjoy it.
  • Role Play More!: Now, as always I’d like to role play more. Mind you I can’t entirely do a lot about it (it being hard to find role play buddies) but maybe try to find some and just do it when I can.
  • Relax!: I need to relax and not be so serious all the time! Stop worrying about everything and just live life!
  • Treat myself better!: I tend to be extremely hard on myself. I need to just chill and let myself be me with all my flaws! Fix what I want, but don’t beat myself up about it! I’m not perfect and don’t need to me. I’m awesome as is. :)

So those are some of my goals. I’ll try to work on them. But I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t do them either.

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