More health junk

Don’t feel too hot right now…I think its allegories and stuff. :| I took some medicine, so hopefully it’ll ease up soon.

I should like lay or something, but I’m feeling restless. Maybe I’ll catch up on Sailor Moon. I dunno.

I do have some news on my er…women issues if you’ve been following that. So if you don’t care to read bout that ignore the stuff after the break, kay?

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I don’t feel goods…

I am so sick of peeing…I have a urine infection so…constant potty time. And it burns. And hurts. It seems slightly less painful though. Maybe.

And my head hurts, and I feel yucky. I think some is sinus’. Plus been up since like 10 AM or earlier. And I feel too restless to sleep. Just too much I could do instead. Gah! :mad:

I’ll try and make myself lay for a bit…maybe.

Ferret power…make up!

On a whim today, I picked up some mascara. I had some at home, but I wanted to try these manga eye ones…for obvious reasons. :lol: I got to thinking about it while looking at lip stuff.

I used to wear make up back in high school and haven’t for many years. Mostly laziness. Plus I have issues with my eyes. I have bad dry eye. I actually have eye plugs in which do help. Best $200 I ever spent, as I always say. :lol: But yeah, I’m always putting eye drops in and rubbing my eyes. So I figure I can’t. But…decided to give it a shot again.

So….put it on. Seems okay. Makes my eyes feel…kinda clumppy in a way. Plus I suck at putting it on. Never was any good at it I think. I put some eye shadow and blush on too that I had.

Will I keep doing this? Hard to say. Blush I have no issues with. The eye stuff…depends how it goes with my dry eye issues.

It does look a bit nice though, I guess.