I did start “The Body Electric” by Beth Revis. It is so freaking good! Its probably at least as good as her Across the Universe series, which takes place in the same world. I cannot put it down. I read […]


Yeeeah, so spent the day on the computer. Looking at videos on You Tube and reading role plays. Productive day! Not. I hate when I do this…on top of that my nose has been stuffy most of the day. Now […]


The Halloween ┬átheme isn’t working. I don’t care much for it anyway, so bye bye to that.Boo. For now this spacy one since I’ll likely be in a Beth Revis mode since her new book “The Body Electric” just came […]


Was just watching a bunch of episodes on Cartoon Network and on Demand. This show is probably one of those underrated shows. Its a little odd at times, but can be so good. It actually has a cool storyline kinda. […]


I’m loving my new computer. It works great, and doesn’t get as hot as my other one. So, so far loving it. Slowly getting used to it. And to think I used to hate using Mac’s in school. Well, Windows […]


Well first off. New computer. I got a MacBook Air. Its much smaller then my other computer so it’ll take some getting used to. Plus a totally different type. But I like it so far. On the downside Wegmans e-mailed […]