Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 12

Having read the manga, I knew what was likely to happen in this episode, I even read a few spoilers, but still…it was shocking in a way…it totally got to me. Made me cry….again. I think it was Act 9? Anyway, that made me cry too…I couldn’t stop crying… *sigh*

Mark of a good show…but sometimes I wonder if I’m just getting more sensitive lately…

Either way…awesome episode. I loved it. I can’t wait for the next. The next one should tie up this arc. Then into the Black Moon arc. Can’t wait to see Chibiusa!

I just love this series…its exactly what us fans always wanted it to be. Well, us fans of the manga. I’m not saying the original anime was bad. I love that one too. But this one…its so epic! I love it! :D


Had quite a scare today. I thought I lost my parrotlet, Clover.



If you can’t tell, she’s extremely tiny, even for a parrotlet. She also has a bad toe on her one foot. We think the person who raised her may of done that when putting on her tag. Poor thing. I love her to bits. She’s my baby.

Anyway, I often take her out of her cage. She’s mostly tame. She bites, but not very hard. She likes to sit on my shoulder and stuff.

I had taken her into the kitchen and Iwas putting her on my mom’s shoulder to irritate my mom. I should of stopped since Clover didn’t seem to want to. She gets nervous sometimes. She gets scared easy. She is super tiny, so no wonder. Anyway, she flew onto the refriderator. She must of got scared at some point cause I did have to clean bird poop off of there. She usually doesn’t poop outside the cage, unless she gets scared. Anyway, I opened the door, so I cough reach her better and she flew toward the cabnets.

We couldn’t find her. At one point my mom, my dad, and sister were looking. I brought out my rubber duck my mom gave me recently. She hates it and always comes over to attack it. :lol: After a long time we heard her squeaking (her squarks sound like squeaks. So cute). And of course during all this I was upset and crying. My dad got pissed and stormed out at one point. But anyway, I eventually got on the step ladder and climbed up to check the top of the cabinet areas, and she was sitting on this Santa head decoration. My mom took it down, but she flew to the other side of the room on more cabinets, near the stove. I climbed up onto the stove with the duck and squeaked it, and eventually saw her attacking it, and ¬†finally got her. My poor baby.

I was so scared I lost her. :cry: I love her so much…like I said she’s my baby. I’m so glad and grateful she was alright. Scared, but alright.

I told my mom I wasn’t going to let her out anymore, but I of course will. But no more kitchen. Unless I have a really good hold on her.

And here I am again…

Yes, I know I haven’t posted much…again. Been lazy and tired… :|

Feeling extremely exhausted at the moment in fact. Of course I also didn’t nap after work today which was dumb. I could of used one. Instead I lazed around. Though at least I did read some.

Should just go to bed…but I gotta do laundry first…shortly maybe.

Re-reading “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer at the moment. Forgot how addictive this series was. :) Also re-reading “My Very First Golden Bible” told by Reverend Dana Forrest Kennedy. Got that years ago for my first communion I think. I read a bit of it each day.

That’s it for now. Laters!

Rest in Peace, Cadance

Well they’ve stupidly lifted the driving bans. They probably should of waited till the snow was more cleared away. Places are opening up again. Work called up asking if I’d work. I did go in, but only since I lost all these hours this week. It is kinda nice to be able to leave the house again though.

Some sad news though. My one canary named Cadence passed away. I’m not sure when she did, with all the crazy snow stuff, but I found her at the bottom of the canary cage last night. :cry: Poor thing…I still gotta take her out. Sadly we can’t really bury her with all the snow. But we’ll put her in a plastic zip it bag in a box and put her downstairs till we can. Poor thing. :cry:

Cadence, Fluttershy, and Shining Armor canaries

Cadance is the green one on the left, the red one is Fluttershy, and the yellow one on the right is Shining Armor.

I’ll miss her. She was pretty amusing. She was the boss of the cage. :lol: She yelled at the other canaries. :lol: She could sing a little too, though she rarely did.

My mom thinks she was probably older and died of old age.

Rest in peace Cadence! We’ll miss you!

Freedom! Sort of…

So, last night my dad went across the street. I guess they have a plowing service. He asked if they’d plow our driveway for some money. They had said maybe either today or tomorrow. We weren’t sure if they would or not.

Amazingly they did. We love you so much! :D

So, now we can get out. Mind you, there’s still a traveling ban, so you’re not supposed to. My mom went out with my dad, but just to go to Tops to get food and junk. They didn’t have everything we needed, but some. I know they didn’t have any milk. But I has more tissues! YAY! :D

I haven’t had to work much this week. Like one day. I dunno yet bout this next week. It depends on if I can leave for that and if they’ll be open. Last couple times I called to say I wasn’t coming they weren’t. Which they shouldn’t of been anyway.

You’d think I’d of enjoyed these days off and gotten stuff done, but no. Its kinda depressing. And made me more lazy. I’m trying to get back to some normal habits though. Hopefully soon life can get back to normal.


The sun’s out. Snow is supposed to start melting. But for us that means flooding too. My mom is planning on getting some of the Christmas stuff in the basement in case it does. She figuring it might not be too bad though. Usually her hunches are pretty on. Hope she’s right. We sometimes have a problem with the flooding. And there’s so much snow…but hopefully we’ll be able to get out of here soon. We need to get to the store.

I’m doing a bit of laundry too. My mom said if I have any today is the best day to do it. Likely the pipes might be funny with the melting or whatever she said. Hopefully not.

I hate winter. And its barely started.