Well, got an interesting bit of something I heard from a manager at work…

They apparently want to make this one girl a manager. Now, you got to understand, this girl does absolutely nothing! She just stands around in back drive thru. And when this one manager asks her to do things she won’t. She whines that she’s doing everything and then complains to another manager that she’s being mean to her. Oh, and she cries when she doesn’t get her way. And will only work a few hours in the morning. I do suspect she’s on well fare, so that may be part of it. She’s a wuss and pretty much everyone hates her. But she’s one of these ones that’s favored and seems to think she’s all that. She even refuses to work with one manager cause she claims she’s mean to her.

Sound like manager material? Hell no!

I guess the store manager asked these other two managers their opinion and they said it wasn’t a good idea. Apparently it was one of the owner’s people’s idea. Yeah, so she likely knows someone. Considering she’s only been there like a year. The one said that if they do that they better put her in another store cause they would fight. And the other was saying they were need someone else for mornings.

HELLO?! I’ve been begging for morning hours! And he and the one that writes the schedule knows that works better with me! I’ve told em countless times, that I need morning hours. All I know if it happens then I damn better get those hours. Considering when we first started opening then I had been asked if I could, and then magically this girl got em. Mind you I said I had to ask my ride. Sometimes I wish I would of just said yes on the spot. But it could of ended up the same.

But yeah…it angers me. Not the manager part as much, but more the hours. I’ve been there much longer then her. Almost six years. And I never get morning hours anymore. I keep telling them I have a hard time with the later hours. The problem is they have all these people that won’t work anything else. I’ve been doing night ones every work day for over a month. Might be more. I can’t be doing that. I need time to do stuff. I get so sick of every few months having to go through this. I’m dreading summer. If they think I’ll be working nights so the children can work during the day, they’re dreaming. Not happening.

*sigh* I just get so sick of having to fight for hours I should have. They always used to have me on mornings…then this one girl came back who had quit over a year before…and then this other one appeared. I did tell the shedule manager I need more mornings. She gave me some next week. Well of what’s up so far…I’ll see how the rest of the schedule goes. Its frustrating cause I don’t complain often and don’t make a lot of demands. I request to work on Thursdays, but that’s been ignored. My day offs are my only days to do stuff and I’ve been getting em on days I can’t. Sunday I did request to have off. Please I’ve seen people make demands left and right. And I rarely complain…only about the morning hours I need when they screw me over on those.

As usual I’ll have to keep an eye on the schedule. They screw around with me with this and I will open my fat mouth. I’ve had it.

Pony music!

So, they releashed the second My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic original soundtrack on iTunes. Finally! :D

It has mostly songs from season 3. And even a couple from season 4. Pretty much all the other major songs. However, I do wish they would included the bats song, Celestia’s, and the joke off one. I would like to see eventually some of the other minor songs they’ve missed from the other seasons. I know there’s supposed to be one for Equestria Girls. Hopefully soon. I want more pony music!

But yeah, its great. :) I’m pleased. Has most of my favorites. They have Applejack’s ones so I’m good. And the full version of the theme song which is pretty awesome. Though that should of been on the first really.

The only thing that bugs me is some of the voice work on “A True True Friend.” It sounds like most of the actual voice actors for the talking during it, except for Rarity’s which is a shame. But I think all the other’s are the actual ones. Though Rainbow Dash sounded slightly off, but it did sound like her.

But otherwise its awesome. And I’ll likely be listening to this for a while… :lol:


This computer is getting annoying. It didn’t feel like loading stuff. Took me like 20 minutes to get it to behave. Maybe time to save up for a new one…sometimes I hate computers.

Haven’t really heard from my two friends, which is irritating me. Its probably fine…but I wish they’d just contact me and say. :( I’m paranoid damnit! Whatever…not even going to go there. I am not going to overreact or upset myself…I’ll try to at least. Though am a little… *sigh* You guys probably know who you are. Please come on or respond to my messages! It’ll at least put my mind at ease a bit.

On the plus am off for the weekend. :D

I’m sorry

Okay, I overeacted. And to the two people I was ranting about, I’m sorry about that. Please forgive me. :( I hope if you did happen to read it you understand that I was ranting and please don’t take it personally. Part of it was due to other things, but I’m still sorry. I’ve contacted you both, so please respond, kay?

Anyway…I’m feeling better. I’m still a little unhappy, but work is part of it. I don’t even want to get into it. I’ve at least stopped sulking around. I was doing that badly Sunday. But that was due to depression too. And my stupidness. I’m feeling a lot better then I was. I feel I can do stuff again. :)

At the moment in the middle of doing a brief cleaning of my room. I’ll do it more tomorrow. I gotta work at five in the morning so I can’t do a ton. I wanna relax too.

I need to pick out a new book to read. If there’s nothing I want to read that I haven’t, I may participate in the re-reading of the Beautiful Creatures series. Not quite sure what I want to re-read. Loads of books I’d love to. I’d like to read the stuff by Terry Brooks too. Of course that’s a loooooong reading since there’s like over 20 books. Not sure yet…

Been playing The Legend of Dragoon for Playstation. That’s pretty cool. The battles are actually kinda fun.


Well, I feel like a useless piece of rejected shit. :cry:

Started last night…I was talking to a so called friend, trying to get him to post, but nooo, he was too busy for that. Or to even respond to me.  Never heard from him again all night. He supposedly was going to after, but nope. Why should he bother?

Contacted another friend that I role play with, never heard from her either.

Fuck them all. Apparently I matter to no one.

I get I’m being a baby about stupid role playing…but it feels like no one wants to anymore…I’m the only one that attempts…I feel adbandeded. And like crap. Work isn’t helping me either there since I feel like crap there too. I just feel like no one cares anymore…

Haven’t heard from anyone all day. I spent the day in bed sulking.

Well, thanks guys. Love you too.

I’ll probably just close my forum. What’s the use? No one visits…no one role plays there anymore. Its a waste. Same with here…no point in bothering with anything anymore…

Excuse me while I go cry again.

All gones

I was just looking for link directories…mostly looking for more…personal made ones. Like…a typical web designer. All the ones that used to be around are gone.

Its the same with a lot of my old favorite sites…either their gone or just not updated anymore. It makes me a little sad. And makes me feel a little old.

The thing is…the people whose sites I visited a lot and stuff have moved on. They’ve gotten older and either don’t have time or have closed their sites. It makes me a bit sad…makes me want to make other sites to fill that void. But, I’m not diving into anything too major right now. As far as web design. I got enough with this and my forum for now. Among other things.

I haven’t exactly been super active online really. These days I just like to role play online mostly. And check on stuff. Mostly My Little Pony related.

Well, I’ll have to hunt down some other listing sites. I need to get my sites more out there. Any suggestions, feel free to comment.