Hello and welcome to "Entrial-Tales.com!" First, let me introduce myself! I'm Megan or I also go by Maroon or Maroon Caludin online. This site serves as my blog and personal site! I hope you enjoy it!

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Anyone that reads my blog, please be aware that sometimes I do rant about various things. Please don't take it in the wrong way or anything. This is just my place to talk about various things and sometimes vent.

Tired and Improvement!

I love how I want to blog and then I go to and then I'm like "But...I have nothing to write about!" Of course sometimes I will anyway and boom I write loads of stuff.  Crazy, right?

Anyway...not a whole lot going on. Though work was a pain in my rear this week, and has been exausting me. Just one more freaking day... 

I was on some stronger medicine for my throat which was still inflamed or whatever. Well, recently my face had broken out. Face and some of my neck. I wasn't sure if I either used too much of this one cream type stuff I put on for like nearly everything or if it was a reaction from soap or something. My mom said to just stop all that and see. Didn't seem to make much of a difference. So we stopped the medicine to see if that was the cause. Funny thing is almost right after it started going away!  So apparently that was the cause! Though it wasn't supposed to be a side effect. Meh...they made it hard to sleep sometimes anyway. I had only three more days left, but meh. Face is nearly back to normal for me, and neck is getting there. Throat is doing okay anyway. Just my ear yet, but that's been getting better as well. Its been trying to pop. Been doing mini ones. Should soon probably. 

Also really gotten into "Ghost Boy" by Martin Pistorius. It really makes you feel for people in these situations and makes you think. I really like it. I recall some review or something saying everyone should read this or something like that and I have to say, I agree!  Anyway, awesome book.

Probably will be heading to bed soon. Kinda don't want to. But tired and sadly have to work tomorrow... 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 24 2016
More soap and Sailor Moon Crystal!

Bah, I slept horrid last night. And had quite odd dreams.  Partly, okay mostly my fault for going to bed so late. 

Anyway, did a bit of shopping today! Went to Orchard Fresh to check out the Vintage House Soaps again.  Not too much new there. But I did get a bunch of stuff. Spent a little over $40.  Anyway, here's a picture of what I got!:

On the top left is sweet orange whipped soap (sounds strange, but is so awesome!), a sugar scrub (smelled so nice!), sweet range & patchouli body butter (kinda meh in comparsion to sweet orange esecially, but they didn't have a plain sweet orange one, and I wanted something to go with my other ones so got it.), creamy vanillia lip balm (wish they had other scents besides vanillia, though vanillia can be nice), sweet orange bar soap, cherry blossom bar soap, and some mud soap for the face (I got the mature kind). Lots of good stuff!

Not that I needed more...I got a basket full of soaps. 

Haven't done much else today. I did watch the new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, which was awesome. For one Tuxedo Mask got to do his attack, which is rare! TUXEDO LA SMOKING BOMBER! 

But was so sad! I won't go into major details. Made me cry! Especially when Tuxedo Mask yelled "Usa!" and Chibi Moon yelled "mom!" Totally got me! 

On the plus got to see Sailor Saturn.

Damn, only one episode left this season. I really hope they do the Dream Arc, and hopefully it won't be a long wait!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 20 2016
Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Bah all tired out! The littlest things can take a lot out of you!

I've been feeling kinda down this weekend, but trying to get myself back up to feeling normalish. Feeling pretty good today.  Throat is doing decent right now. Ear is still all clogged, but might be less so. I feel it trying to pop at times. So doing somewhat better in that area at least.

Been a little more active today. I've had my lazy moments, but been trying to do chores and what not in between. Most of the major stuff are done.

Been reading a lot lately which makes me happy. Finished “The Hidden Oracle” by Rick Riordan and “A Frozen Heart” by Elizabeth Rudnick. Both quite good! Can't wait for the next The Trials of Apollo book!  Right now reading "Ghost Boy" by Martin Pistorius. Not much. I'll be honest partly it somewhat makes me nervous, but I still wanna read it, and I will. I've had books I've read where I get that feeling, but ended up loving them. 

Also took some photo's of roses!

This is my mom's roses! I believe that's a St. Anthony statue with them. Beautiful, right?  I really wanted to cut one!

This is my rose bush! They're actually minature roses and smell so good! I love them! 

Anyway, that's it for now!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 19 2016
Doctor visit!

Been a rather long day!  Though I only had a short shift of work. But I had stuff to do after.

First went and got a lovely rose bush to plant. My mom is helping me with it. Picked out a nice pinkish orange one.  After that got some Wendy's, rested a bit and went to the doctor.

The doctor was so long! Waited for like two hours in the waiting room.  Glad I brought a book. Got through at least ten chapters! 

Anyway, according the the doctor my throat is still inflamed or whatever. Whcih explains the sore throat coming and going. He checked my ear then took a metal syringe and cleaned it out with water.  Don't think I ever got that done. Its...akward. It hurts slightly, but not horribly. He got a good bit of junk out too. Anyway, my inner ear and outer is all infected. He presribed some medicine for my throat (some pills) and some for my ear (drops). Said it'll take a few weeks for my ear to pop. Annoying, but least it'll be better eventually. And hopefully my throat will be too! 

After the doctor we dropped off my prescriptions and my mom went to Tops while I went next door to K Mart. Picked up two pairs of flip flops (pink and orange), some pink plastic baskerts (got it to keep soap in and got an extra one), and found some cute panda PJ's. 

Sadly my throat is kinda irritated right now. Bah...hopefully it'll ease up. 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 15 2016
Yay reading!

Had to go to the dentist today. Had more cavities filled. Still have one more trip to do before I'm done.  Though its not too bad. Just hate the shot. Though the teeth I got filled are sore. But top ones seem to be a pain to do.

I did finish "Rebel Belle" by Rachel Hawkins though! Was quite good!  I rather enjoyed it! I might go ahead a buy a finished version of it (mine was an advanced copy), and I want to read the rest of the series! Eventually anyway.  Might have to check out her other series too.

Since I finished that I started "The Hidden Oracle" by Rick Riordan. Good so far. Though I had sampled the first few chapters online before I bought the book. I haven't read his other books other then "The Lightning Thief." But it seems like one where you don't enitrely need to have read the others. Enjoying it so far.

Its really nice to be reading fun stuff again, and not just serious type stuff. 

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 14 2016
A fresh start...again!

And why look the blog is back!  Another fresh start! Cause I wanted to!  Actually been doing a fresh start type thing with a few things. Mostly due to my OSDness. It can be a pain, but I wanted a fresh start too anyway.

Ugh...feeling way off today.  My sore throat keeps coming back and I have all this conjestion in my right ear. Probably not feeling well partly due to that. Okay a good portion. Plus its a bit warm. And my head is killing me. Ugh!  So sick of this!

My mom said she'd make an appointment with my doctor Monday, so hopefully I'll get in soon and feel better soon. I really don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. But have some stuff I kinda have to do...well some of it I really do. And if I keep sleeping I won't sleep tonight and will not be good for work in the morning. Meh...

Also hungry which could be some of it. Stupid body! 

But other then feeling cruddy, I've been okay.  

I've been getting back to doing things I enjoy. I started over with my bible readings and will do the yearly one next year. Reading "My Very First Golden Bible." May seem odd to some, but it makes me feel better.

Been doing more pleasure reading again! How I missed it! Read "Zoo 2" by James Patterson. Was amazing! I really hope he does another! Especially with how it ended! But was super good and really got you thinking. 

Speaking of Zoo season 2 of the series premeires this month! Woot! Can't wait! 

Started another book as well "Rebel Belle" by Rachel Hawkins which is surprising quite good! Almost halfway done! And a fun fact about my copy, its an advanced one from when this originally came out that I won from Free Book Friday a week or so ago. First time I ever won there! 

Also started playing Lunar the Silver Star for Sega CD. Oh Lunar, how I love thee! 

Anyway, I'm going to go feed my face! Later!

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Maroon Caludin told a tale on Jun 12 2016
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