Steven Universe

Was just watching a bunch of episodes on Cartoon Network and on Demand.

This show is probably one of those underrated shows. Its a little odd at times, but can be so good. It actually has a cool storyline kinda. And the music is surprisely good. I wish there was a soundtrack. Its one of many shows I like, but never take the time to watch.

Basically its about a boy named Steven who is friends with these Crystal Gems, that represent certain actual gems. Actually, he’s part one himself, being that his mother was one. He basically goes on missions with them and tries to develo his own powers.

Anyway, cool show. WATCH IT!

Love it!

I’m loving my new computer. :D

It works great, and doesn’t get as hot as my other one. So, so far loving it. Slowly getting used to it. And to think I used to hate using Mac’s in school. Well, Windows is more user friendly in a way. But, Mac’s are pretty easy once you figure it out. And so much faster! :)

Still gotta transfer some stuff to this one. Right now working on my music which is taking forever. :mad:

Off for the weekend. Going to some craft fair tomorrow with my mom and sister. :)


Well first off. New computer. I got a MacBook Air. Its much smaller then my other computer so it’ll take some getting used to. Plus a totally different type. But I like it so far. :D

On the downside Wegmans e-mailed me saying they weren’t considering my application anymore (in those words oddly). Meh…job coach is looking into it. Personally…I’m a little offended, though my mom says I shouldn’t be. On the other hand I’m okay with it. I didn’t really wanna work there…and I’ve been getting nice hours at work.

Speaking of which I gotta get my butt to bed. I gotta wake up at 4 AM. Night!

Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack

The My Little Pony – Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks soundtrack finally released. It was delayed by a day. Not by much, but it was annoying since Hasbro advertised it coming out yesterday.

Slightly disappointed. I was hoping they would put some of the songs from the first movie. I mean it kinda doesn’t make sense that they do this one before the first one. :mad:

As for the songs…they seem okay. Not sure how I feel. Might like em more once I see the movie. They’re okay. I was more impressed with the main song from the first. Actually I perfer the ones from the show. I wish they would do a pony movie instead of just human ponies. I don’t think that’ll happen for a while if ever. I know there’s supposed to be another Equestria Girls book. I think so anyway. So I’m guessing at least one more.

I want more soundtracks from the show though. I want full ones! And for the first movie. Hopefully eventually. I want the next one to at least have the bats song on it.

And speaking of things I’d like…I’d like one with the background music. Some of it is really good. I doubt that will happen sadly. :(

Anyway, the soundtrack is okay. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Some of the songs are a bit fun. I guess I expected more.