Lazy day!
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Added a new blog pal, Kaela! Go visit her and give her some love! 😉

Well, I did very little today…

Did some shopping, ate, and passed out till dinner, ate, then colored, and then did some posting on forums. Speaking of forums feel free to give mine some love. 😆

I’m gonna try to detach my butt from the computer after this and do some reading. I have to catch up on some. And maybe some century catch up on other stuff I’m working on. I haven’t touched my ferret site for a bit. I gotta get that going.

Blah, I hate when I nap. Feels like such a waste of time.

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Blah, spent too much time on the computer tonight. Ah well. 😳 I was catching up on stuff and what not. 😛

Today I was mostly feeling yuck. Just…anxiety and all that lovely stuff. 😛 I’m feeling better now. 😀

I saw this lovely creature at the pet store:


A cutie, right? 😀 I took several pictures of him sleeping.

Also, I got my dad to get pictures of my ferret off his computer:


There’s my baby! His name was F-Chan. Also please ignore my ugly foot. 😆  *sigh* I miss him so much…I wanted to almost cry when I was looking at them. I love him.

Someday I’ll have a ferret (ore more! 😆 ) again. :)

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Life Updates
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Got the idea from Kaela’s blog.

Making: Working a ferret site

Drinking: Nothing

Reading: “The Extreme Teen Bible”, “Conversations with God Book 3” by Neale Donald Walsch, and “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength” by Amy Newmark

Wanting: To keep happy

Looking: My flower bracelet.

Deciding: Nothing really

Wishing: To be happy

Enjoying: Being off from work

Waiting: To continue role plays

Liking: How I’ve been feeling more good about myself. Well, a bit anyway.

Wondering: What to do with my life

Loving: The bracelet I got from the fair

Considering: Taking water color painting classes

Watching: Nothing

Hoping: To get my ferret site done soon

Needing: To feed and change the birds and their cages

Smelling: Nothing

Wearing: Black pants and a multi colored top.

Noticing: That I’m feeling kinda down.

Knowing: I have to make myself feel happy.

Admiring: My mom.

Getting: Nothing really.

Coveting: Ferrets.

Thinking: That I need to control my temper and such.

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Back up!
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Okay, I got my pages back up. Some I changed somewhat. :)

And thank you all for the well wishes. It was the weather I think that was making me feel off. Though I do have a stomach ache tonight. But I think it was from something I ate. 😛

Its the weekend which means no work! Yay! 😀 *does the ferret dance of joy*

Speaking of ferrets…I sort of started work on my ferret site. Well a few days ago. Haven’t touched it since…hopefully will work on it this weekend.

Honestly I got a lot to do sort of. Just cleaning and reading to catch up on. Some online stuff too.

Probably will go lay down shortly though.

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Ugh, I am not feeling good. Mostly just have massive headache. :( Its just pounding. And I feel slightly nauseous, but I’m hungry too. I just want to lay and sleep. Which is what I was doing…I took a nap around 2 PM, but I ended up sleeping way later then I wanted…till…well its almost 9 PM. I almost literally just got up. 😡 I’ll have fun sleeping tonight…

Blah, I hate when I waste days. Oh well.

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A new start!
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Some of you may of noticed the site looking odd, or that my pages and posts are gone. I was having an issue with an odd error, and decided to do a fresh install. And honestly sometimes I like having a fresh start. :)

Not everything is done. Though I might make this blog more simple, as far as pages and such. I’m not sure. Regardless this is all I’m doing tonight. I’ve spent too much time on the computer today doing this. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll work on it more.