Feeling good

Okay…feeling pretty good about myself. Well, feeling okay. Instead of lazing around all day I went right into doing what I wanted, and I feel good as a result. :) I guess sometimes you just gotta make yourself do it.

Also just watched the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode. I was laughing out loud. It wasn’t like amazing, but its the best one this season so far. And it was a bit touching. And Spike and his Rarity doll?! So cute! :D Can’t wait for more.

I love Steven Universe!

Curse how easily distracted I get…all from checking my mail. I got some mail from You Tube from some users I’m subscribed to…and…here I am hours later. Curse it! :mad:

Anyway, I was poking at some Steven Universe ones. Gosh, I forgot how amazing that show can be! I really gotta catch up. Some crazy stuff’s been happening!

And that Garnet song? I WANTS IT! Release a soundtrack! I DEMAND IT!

But yeah…the show’s awesome. Its one of those shows that at first glance you’re all “this looks dumb” and then after watching a bit you’re all “I LOVE THIS!”

Must catch up…

Anyway, back to straightening my room. *yawn* Probably should of napped today…getting up at 4 AM can really take its toll. I blame work. :lol: Later!

Eye plugs = YAY!

I know…been absent again. Working on it! :D

Anyway, just got my eye plug put back in.

The one in my left eye fell out yesterday. :( I was not happy. They help keep my eyes nice and moist.

Luckily I was able to get in today and get one put in. :D So now my eyes can be happy! Which makes me happy! :D

Now to straighten my room and if I have time before dinner play some Radiant Historia for Nintendo DS. Its actually pretty good! Kinda like Chrono Trigger but the time travel is a bit more…complex in a way. Of course noting to compares to a classic like Chrono Trigger. :D One of my favorite games. Right up there with Lunar. But yeah, all awesome games. GO PLAY! :lol:

Anyway, later!

More health junk

Don’t feel too hot right now…I think its allegories and stuff. :| I took some medicine, so hopefully it’ll ease up soon.

I should like lay or something, but I’m feeling restless. Maybe I’ll catch up on Sailor Moon. I dunno.

I do have some news on my er…women issues if you’ve been following that. So if you don’t care to read bout that ignore the stuff after the break, kay?

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I don’t feel goods…

I am so sick of peeing…I have a urine infection so…constant potty time. And it burns. And hurts. It seems slightly less painful though. Maybe.

And my head hurts, and I feel yucky. I think some is sinus’. Plus been up since like 10 AM or earlier. And I feel too restless to sleep. Just too much I could do instead. Gah! :mad:

I’ll try and make myself lay for a bit…maybe.